Process 1/19

I AM FINISHED WITH SENIOR PROJECT !!! I have printed out all my stories onto nice paper, and created a cover page. I brought all my paintings back to school, and now all I have to do is hang them tomorrow (Tuesday) before Exhibition night on Thursday. And then, all I have to do is present! Attached is a photo of my title page of Mutatio.Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 7.35.11 PM

Process 12/4

This week, I have almost finished my last painting! I have written my fourth story, and I am about to write my last (I already know the content). I have also decided to not print my stories in a bound book (Blurb). It costs too much money an limits my artistic freedom in terms of showing my paintings and stories together.

Process 10/20

This past week I finished the first draft of my second story. I also finished adding the Chet Baker lyrics to my Magritte painting, and all I need to do is add the fake pills to the painting. I am very content with my process thus far. Here is a picture of my painting Almost Blue, the writing is done but the whole thing is still not

Process 10/13

This past week I have got a lot done. I handed in my senior project mentee progress report. I also began painting! I am nearly finished with my first canvas, and I will be moving onto the next one very soon. I also am almost finished with my second story. Here is a picture of my unfinished painting.


10/6 Update

This past week my canvases got printed by David Diskin! His canvas business is called Md-Canvas. I dropped them off at the Ross HS art room stairwell, where I will be painting. I also have been discussing the budget request with Dale Scott.Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 3.22.55 PM

Process update 9/22

This past week I finished my first short story on Friday (which is 10 pages long), and over the weekend I have been converting my images that I want to blow up on canvases into proper sizes via photoshop. I have also reduced my number of short stories/paintings from 7 to 5. The attached images are the final 5 images I have decided to use in my project.

These are the 5 finalized pieces I will be using for my project.

These are the 5 finalized pieces I will be using for my project.

ecce-homo-1949 henri-matisse-le-clown-jazz memory-1948(1) tumblr_n6q4go8KQJ1smye1so1_1280-1