January 18, 2015

I started my third piece right away, which the process is going extremely fast.

Because it is mostly white.


It is close to the final approval, I came into school every weekend and paint in the studio every day after school.

Finally, the progress came out.


I have made the first round and it is time to start to prepare my presentation now.

This is the final post for my 2015 Senior Project Blog Entry.


January 11, 2015

A new year, I just came back from a long break.

Time is limited, which I started painting every day.

unnamed-1 unnamed-3 unnamed


However, after a massive amount of work, I finished the second piece.


The Title: Voyage in Taiwan.

December 14, 2014


I found out that adding blue to my painting is pretty hard to control the color between light and dark.

Everything is going slow for now that I know I do not have much time.

Winter break is coming up soon, so I better plan my time wisely from now on.

December 7, 2014

I am back from the Thanksgiving break, which was a joyful time in Thailand.

I had selected the image for my second painting.


This was the picture from the trip in Taiwan with my friends.

I decided to paint in a different color because I would like to add blue to my painting.



November 9, 2014

It seems I still have enough time for my two other paintings.

Yet after I calculate the time without Thanksgiving break and winter break.

I realized the time is not mush at all.

I have to catch up to my second painting right after I come back from my Thanksgiving break.

October 19, Sunday

Right after the practice project had been completed, I stated the formal Senior project.

This time is not ink anymore, it’s oil paint.

The challenge has leveled up that I got a hard time on the first day.

However, after few days I got use to the skills.

Work will be complete soon.

October 12, Sunday

I had finished my practice, although it was the first time to paint with an eraser on the back of pencil and ink.


It was a challenge, and it came out a little weird, but it’s completed.

Here’s the artwork:



October 5, Sunday

Through the whole week, I had been working on my practice project.

Which I found the difficultly of it.

Ms. Cross also found the book of Chuck Close “Face Book.”

The project is going on that will be finish soon.

September 28, Sunday

I still have not started my formal project yet.

Ms. Cross came up with an idea and gave me an assignment.

It is a practice one or a preparation one for formal project.

It will be A4 paper size and within the photo below..

friend portrait test


This practice project will be finish soon and be upload.

Your Process Blog

September 21, Sunday

This week I had finally settled down my goal that will be keep on going.

I prepared four sketchpad, I got my paint brushes, I had every materials I need ready.

On Tuesday, Ms. Cross gave me a book named “Portraits|A History|Andreas Beyer”

She lend the books to give me more viewpoint about portrait.