Winter Break

During winter break, I was able to many things and finishing touches. It could have been more productive, but it was good enough. I have about 8 days to finish just a couple of things.

Done: Blueprints, Manual, and Bike Stand

Need to be Done: Generator and Gasifier


Week of 10/20/14

This week I finished working on my bicycle power generator, which is 50% of my product. I have already started the Wood Gasifier, which puts me at 70% of my project. I am currently waiting on my metal piping, and once I get it I should be done in no time.

Week of 10/06/14

This week I was finally able to gather my supplies for my project from Home Depot. My mentor and I made rough measurements to power any engines of up to 35 Horsepower. We had spent around 2 hours running around the store getting the most absurd things.

Week 3 of 09/29/14

This week I did not meet my deadlines. I have completed all of my blueprints, materials, and step by step process but need transportation/help getting my supplies. It has been difficult meeting with my mentor because he is busy and does not know much about mentoring (new teacher).

Week 2 of 09/22/14

This week I continued working on my blueprints and was able to make a complete part/material list. I was also able to finish my blueprints and break it down to a 2 1/2 month project. I still need to get my materials, but since I am a boarder transportation has been an issue.