Reflection of the previous week…

This week was very umm…umm…stressful because of all the assignments I had in school. I didn’t get to do any work on my Senior Project and that is frustrating me a little bit. I know that I will have a different deadline than the others, but still I want to be as far as they are. That is a little bit hard for me to accept—that I need to…that I am seeing the others go forward and having the work done and I am so slow. There is so much.


I talked to my parents this weekend and I was thinking of coming back next year and doing my Senior Project then, but my parents, they would like me rather to finish it this year and move on so I can have my high school diploma. I still don’t know what to do.


Kerrie: What’s that like for you?


Stressful because I am confused as to what I have to do…a week ago I had a very serious talk with my dad that I want to include in my book. He said that–it was just a pep talk, but I didn’t feel like that. It did the opposite of what he intended to do. That really made me think. Was he right in all of that of what he said? He figured out that or better, we figured out, during this time—the school time—it’s better for me to get pep talks…I had a couple “Come to Jesus” talks, but this one was a little over the edge in my opinion.