Two weekends no work!!! or A NEW PLAN!!!


Hey everyone,

thats not me, obviously. But I think this girl represents my feelings right now. I have to confess something to you guys. I have not been working on my senior project. But I have some good reasons for that or lets better say, I think i have some good reasons.

I DO know why I didn’t work on it last week: not only was the work load for school pretty big (the weekend was pretty fully loaded too) BUT My birthday was saturday, and I didn’t really want to do any work, but I had to do my homework anyways, because we would go into the city the next day to pick up Saskia, my second helper for this year.

Woohoo, now we are completed!  Just have to wait for dad to go on friday night and than we can get this party started!!!! :)))) :)))))

But, to get back to my point: On saturday I really just did half of my work (of what I was supposed to do). Then on sunday we went to the city, where Marina and I walked about the whole day and by the end of the day we were done!!! Then we went to White Plains where my dad had been working with a friend all day.

See how much was going on!!!!

After this we went to a Brazilian restaurant, where I had the typical rice and beans and grilled meat.  This was very good.  I told Marina to try some of my favorite Brazilian soft drink “Guarana” (which she did), but she didn’t really like it.  This made me worry that she wouldn’t like any of the desserts, but I was wrong!! We ate a “brigadeiro” (a really big one) and passion fruit moose.

By the end of the day Marina and I were both too tired to go to the airport to pick up Saskia.

So by Monday I really didn’t want to do any work, and REALLY wanted to sleep through the whole day off (parent teacher conferences).  HOWEVER, my father did not feel the same way.

He ended up sending me an email and then we talked about Senior Project, and how I’m  not getting things “down on paper”.

Post conversation, I was very upset with myself.  And wanted to give up on doing my Senior Project all together, go back to Germany, and be finished with school.

But this feeling soon led to anger.  And what you are reading now is the result of this anger.    Because the thing is I really WANT to be working on my Senior Project.  But things take a lot longer for me and I end up running out of time. I am trying to do my best, but I feel like it doesn’t show.

Super frustrating!

My new plan is to try to turn my M-term into a Senior-Project “Independent Study”.  I brought this up to Dale Scott this morning and she said she was thinking something similar…So i might just be on to something…

Fingers Crossed!!!!!


Here are some pictures of “Brigadeiro”

(your welcome)

 BRIgadeiro bite Brigadeiros lots of brigadiero