A new start

Today is Saturday. Yesterday my father went home to Germany. Although I went through this a lot (the third time already), it was a little hard. I was afraid of how it will be after he’s gone, because Saskia and Marina were never here before and don’t really know the routines that I have here in East Hampton with school and home and all that stuff. As a present goodbye And late birthday, my dad gave me a pajama, because I didn’t have a “real” one.

I decided to apply to college and next week I will start to make my application video with Dan. I am really excited!

My Senior Project is not going as good as I wish it would. I am not really getting things down on paper. Last time I talked to Kerrie I decided to make my book a collection of short stories, that at the end represent a big story. I told her that I wanted to use my M – term time to work on my project. The cool thing is, that Lisa Gillespie and Dale Scott thought the same thing, but I brought it up first. When my father heard that, he was very proud of me.

One day before he went, he asked me if I would forgive him for the times we argued about school and that I don’t do enough work. I did forgive him.

The thing with my dad is that sometimes we argue and then I want him to go away and sometimes we understand each other that well, I don’t want to leave. After the girls gave me his present, I cried. I really do miss him!

But I can see that the time with the girls will be awesome!


my dad

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Me with the girls in the Halloween Party yesterday