Down to business

Hey everyone,

on tuesday (as every week) I had a talk with Kerrie and we discussed how long I want my book to be. It was really hard, because I wanted my whole life to be in this book. But I don’t think that the people want to read such a long book and I also don’t have sooo much time. We actually counted the weeks to my presentation. 16 is the number we came up with. Although, when I came home the girls said that this didn’t  sound right. After thinking a little I agreed. We’ll see how it goes… I submitted my application to Goucher…… LET’S HOPE THE BEST…afraid

Oh yeah, and this is what Kerrie and I came up with:

  1.     Pre-birth (needs editing)
  2.     Birth (estimating three chapters)
  3.     Moving from Israel to Germany
  4.     Family
    1.  Who I am
    2.  Funny stories
    3.  Sister being born
    4.  Cousins/uncles/grandparents
    5.  Helpers/assistants
  1.     School
    1.     Struggles
    2.     Accomplishments
    3.      How I dealt/coped (fantasies)
  2.     Fantasies (interwoven throughout the book)
  3.     Graduation/Accomplishments

December 2, 2014:

Goal #1: One Chapter in “Birth” ready for Kerrie to read on December 9, 2014.