That is soooo …. I don’t know what it is!!! But it is a good feeling! Now the countdown is on for real. Today is may 9th and in two/ three weeks its time for me to present… my rule now is KEEP CALM AND DO EVERYTHING STEP BY STEP.

My next step is to check if the chapters are in the right order.

Publishing my book

Hi everyone!

I set myself a deadline by when I have to have my book ready to print. May 8!!! One week! One week to get everything done and ready for the printer! I am very confident that I will be ready by then.

On Saturday I went to Staples and ask if they could print my book quicker than 7 – 12 weeks as lulu print would take. Guess what, they need only one week.

So now my next step is to put the rest of the pics in, captions, copy the last five or so chapters in and then I can SEND IT OFF!!!!!!!

Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!

Pictures over Pictures


I didn’t tell you what I did in Germany yet, right? My mom edited my chapters that I send her. And we chose PICTURES to put in my book. Now I am almost done!!!!!

Formatting is done. Now I only have to put the pictures in and write the captions and send it off.

On Friday I will do my cover picture!!!

Lets see how it goes…

The countdown is on!!!

Hello guys,

8 more weeks… and it’s all good!

On Saturday I met with Kerrie in school and we started to


Isn’t that something? I never thought that it would come that far! The pictures are chosen and today I am starting to put it all into one document!

See you next week!


No More TIME!!!!

11 DAYS TILL GERMANY!!!! Counting down…

First week of school after mterm. Where is the time???

I am so afraid that I will not be able to finish on time… yes I wrote all my pieces, but I need to edit them and they have to be read through and all that… I really wish that I will have a bound book by the time I present. That’s what I’m aiming for, but who knows…

M- Term: Day 1:

Hey guys,

M-term is here!!! That means Write, write and write!!!

Today I was planing with meg and lisa. Now I know what to do every day at school and at home. What I don’t really get, because I did my planing already with marina this weekend!

imgres images… but what ever… we did it anyway… then we did sort of a break with looking at my art history paper. Then I talked to Sam Yarabeck, who is my ‘mentor’ for m term. Have some writing to do….

talk to you tomorrow!


Howdy People,

this was a long weekend, because we had Presidents day. And I did a lot of planning. Next week is M-Term and I had to plan three weeks!!!!!!! It’s not that easy as I thought it would be.

Actually, I thought that I was pretty much done, but as I was sitting down with Marina we figured out that there are still 30 stories/ pieces to write!

Now, I know that this is a high goal, but I think that if I stick to the plan we did, (2 stories per day), I will be able to manage it. I still have to talk to Lisa and Kerrie about it though.




Hey People,

on thursday I met with Kerrie and we talked about my images of course, what else? I was telling that I don’t really know what to do, because I still have soooo many images-1 that I want to tell, but time is running away and may is on its way (wow, that actually rimed). So she said that I could do my senior project and then, when I have time after school and college maybe I can edit the book and publish a 2nd edition and so on and so forth. “Because you are writing a memoir and it is the story of your live. And your live is still going on after high school. so you can write on, if you want to!” (Kerrie)

Afterwards I thought that this would actually a good idea. I have seen a few books that have the sign imgres

images-2 or even stores that sell only 2nd edition booksimages-3 . But I don’t really know yet… I think that I won’t do that.

We also talked about the letters that I want to include in my book. Originally I wanted to write a sara_letter_600 to my fantasies and Kerrie thought that this was a good idea, she said that she would find it very good if I also write a sara_letter_600 to my parents. When Saskia heard this she told me that she had this in mind, but didn’t want to influence me to much. So now, be ready for my thank-you-letters

Another 8 pages

Hey guys…

snow days to write on your senior project right? I wrote 8theplay pages. Now I know that is not much, but I also talked to my dad so he could clarify some things to me. I recorded it and than wrote it down with Marinas help.

And I wrote for another chapter, this looks something like this:

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 5.52.39 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 5.54.41 PM


In this chapter I talked about my primary school…

You know, while i was writing it I thought how great it would be if I did a class reunion when I am in germany in springbreak!