Ken’s weekly update 14

From January 5th – 12th, I have been wording the book. I put all the introduction and chapter texts into the book. Including the bibliography and credit page are officially done. My project is NOW officially COMPLETELY. Now I just need to meet up with my mentor and get approve for the formal approval on Wednesday.

Ken’s weekly update 13

During the Christmas break, I have been working on my portfolio and relaxing myself. Too much pressure from college and senior project so I give myself a little bit of break. However, I finished numbering all the page numbers. The only thing left is the wording. I spoke to mentor about it and now I need to get approved from him about the texts. Then I can copy the words into my book. My project is getting really close to COMPLETE. EXCITING !!!!!

Ken’s weekly update 12

From December 8th-14th, I have been trying to figure out the wording for my books. I pretty much finish everything, just not the words. It is difficult, I want it to be neat and clear but my hand writing is bad. I tried to write neat but it is just impossible. I guess, I will use some other technics. However, I spoke to Mrs. Cross about it and she suggested me to keep it my style (my own hand writing) I’m still thinking about wether I should do that or not. It is pretty unprofessional if the wordings are bad, well … after all, this is a hand made book. Maybe I should hand written all the words. Maybe …!!!

Ken’s Weekly update 11

November 17th – 23th, I have been working on the portfolio instead of my senior project. I am stuck on a lot of things. Especially, I need to buy marbled paper for my book in order to cover up the attaching part. And during the weekend, I did get a chance to go to New York City. So I went to Utrecht to get some marbled papers. I tried to look for the red one so it matches to the book cover as well. It is difficult for me to construct them since the book its a little bit uneven.


Ken’s Weekly update 10

November 10th – 16th, I have been working on the wording and constructing the book cover. I went to City and check out the Utrench art supply store. And I bought three different colors of book cloth. I chose the red one since my book is talking about cardiology. Its getting there. I hope I can finish most of the work before end of the trimester.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Ken’s weekly update 9

November 3th – 9th, I have been working on the last few pages of my senior project. This weekend, I am going to City to find Book Cloth for my book cover. Also, I need to work on the Introduction, and chapter pages. The wording and structure need to be thoughtfully plan.

IMG_0289 IMG_0288 IMG_0286 IMG_0285


Ken’s weekly update 4

Sept.29th – Oct.5th, I had been working on my story 2


I was going to put some human systems into my pop up book. However, after spoke to my mentor, I realized it is really not relate to my “Pop The Heart” book.

photo 1


Therefore, the whole week I have been thinking what to do with my pop up book. I also have TOEFL test coming up soon. I spent most of my time on TOEFl and some on Senior Project. I finished my progress report 🙂 Keep on Working !!!

GO GO GO !!!

Ken’s weekly status update 3

September 22th – 28th. the whole week has been crazy busy on planning my book. I also went to city last weekend to get some supplied for creating my book. This book need to be colorful because it is a pop up book for kids. However, it also need to contain some level of knowledge !!

photo 1

I glued every pages together and put on page numbers.

photo 2

this is the comparison of the book, it is a little bigger than the senior project portfolio.

photo 3

the side look of the book. I still need to make the outside cover page. This is only the beginning !!! Still have a lot of works to do 🙂 GO GO GO

Ken’s weekly status update 2

I finally figured out how to use this blog, I just post the “weekly status update 1.” Now it is “weekly status update 2.” During the weekend (Sept 13 – 14) I had been making a prototype of my pop up book. I started to brainstorm how the book is going to look like. And how everything should be placed. My mentor, Lance, had given me “storyboard” to help me to outline each pages of my book. From Sept 15 – 19, I have been working on my senior dairy, which is now slowly filling up a few pages. We have a lot of homework this weekend. So far, I am still working on the storyboard. WOOOO HOOOO !!! GO GO GO

Ken’s weekly status update 1

Last week(Sep 08 – Sep 12), I decided to change my senior project. I was planning to make a pop up book, however, I thought about doing nursing programs or volunteer at hospital might be better for me. But there were some issues occurred while I’m doing researching. I realized that in order to volunteer at hospital (South Hampton Hospital), I need to prepare working paper. Which as an international student who holds I-20 VISA, I will need social security numbers in order to get working paper. I tried to call the hospital and riverhead social security office, their answers had given me clear answer that it would probably take around 2-3 weeks to complete the whole process. As a result, I did not change my senior project. I am still doing my pop up book. Now I am a little behind on the dairy. WORK HARD !!! WOOOOHOOOO