Status Update Nine

Over the Christmas Break I was able to begin the filming process of my Senior Project. I assembled a great cast and crew who have helped me get through the first 70 percent of my filming. So here is the first of many thanks to my Director of Photography, Will Greenberg, my “Sound Boy”, Sam Hamilton, my Star, Julian Alvarez, and supporting actors and actresses, Chase Wintjen, Zach Zimmerman, and Coco Myers.

I am very happy to have gotten so much done over break and can’t wait to get the rest of my filming done this weekend. It has been very interesting and scary to see my screenplay turn into a real film. After I finish filming the last few scenes it will be time to crack down on the hours necessary to edit. Wish me luck, and i’ll report back next week.

Status Update Eight

Sorry I have not posted in a while but, screenplay writing is a long, tedious, and boring journey. I have finally finished my screenplay, and have a final copy of it.
Now comes the planning stage. I have already found my Director of Photography, the great Will Greenberg. I have also found my males actors, Chase Witjen, Zachary Zimmerman, and Max Lerner ( who played the lead role in my, Silent Film “Silence is a Virtue,” my Modernity Project) all friends of mine whom are very interested in helping me with my project. I still need to find my female actor, who will play the main characters mother, I have some people in mind already.
This week I need to finalize a shooting schedule and also a shot list, that I will go over with my DP in order to be on the same page as him. I’m also in talks with a ross alum, Julian Alvarez, to be my director of sound and lighting. In order to film a great movie, a director needs a great crew around him, that is what I am getting together now. I’m really excited to start filming and getting this “show,” on the road. I’ll check in when I make some progress.

Status Update Seven

As per usual I have continued working on my script this past week. I have got a lot done, but had a recent setback when my computer died without me saving my work. I lost almost two hours worth of writing. The worst thing to happen so far during the senior project process.

Status Update 6

I have been working on editing and reviewing my script. I love that this project allows me to be a constant work in progress. Even as i move on to the casting stages of the product my script can be worked on. I need to start getting a crew together and setting up dates that will allow use to film; this is going to be a true test of my organizational skills.

Status Update Two

For the past week i have continued working on my second screenplay. With the help of Ivan i have came up with a schedule in which i have to finish each section of my project. The three sections have become Writing, Filming, and Editing. The writing aspect of the project should be finished before Thanksgiving with the Filming and Edting being finished by Christmas. As this is just a rough schedule it may be finished more quickly or more slowly. I have to start finding the cast and crew as well as this is a part of the process that i cannot do on my own. I should have the rough draft of my Screenplay finished by the middle of this week.

“Status Update.”

These past few weeks have given me time to work on my story and screenplay. I wrote an entire screenplay and then decided that it wasn’t the story i wanted to tell so a I am currently about half way finished with the writing of my new “and improved,” screenplay. I will continue to make this a part of my workload everyday until it is finished.