Ping Cheng’s Senior Project, Thursday 02/26/15

I went to town for foam core boards with the size of 32×40 to make the base for other lots, in addition, I also bought a new small knife for cutting foam core boards. As soon as I got back, I stick every layer for “Park” together and add on the base foam core, with two basal wood stick in the back supporting it. I started cutting out foam core boards as the same process with the first one; however, “Lot 2” has a lot more layers with curvy edges, which took me longer to cut out. I stopped around half way through and call it a day.


Ping Cheng’s Senior Project, Wednsday 02/25/15

I cut out “Park” with clean edges and separated it by the height of different pieces. Then I put each pieces on foam core depended on the scale of the pieces and cut out all the foam cores for “park.”I stack each all of them on top of each other in order, to check if the 3D landscape look the same with the 2D landscape. The last thing I did was glue the first and second foam core together.

Ping Cheng’s Senior Project, Tuesday 02/24/15

I met with Ned at 1:00 PM to discuss the new plan for my new senior project. I decided to make four models of the houses Ned have designed back in 2008. We then head out to East Hampton and Sag Harbor to purchase Basal Wood and Foam Core. Later on, we arrived at Watermill to enlarge all the blueprint into the same size with same proportion, 1:4. When we got back to Ross, we went over the process and hope everything goes with the plan.

FYI: I still didn’t get a proper response ore just even a response from my proposal I wrote on 02/20/15. What a responsible adult right? Ross! America!


Ping Cheng’s Senior Project, Monday 01/08/15

I finish all of my sketches and they are all on their way to here. I will double check with Ned before I continue to finish my final drawings on the good quality papers. I visited several real estates to look at the models that demonstrates their architectures or buildings. I will, hopefully, be able to finish an extra model for my museum in my project before the exhibition night.

Ping Cheng’s Senior Project, Tuesday 11/04/14

I drew down some example floor plans from museums I’ve been researching on, which can give me a general idea of how floor plans cooperate with the outer look of buildings. Finished my final list of items under small and organized categories, this helped me to acknowledge how much space I need in my museum. Handing in one floor plan or the outer look by the end of this week.