Wednesday, March 4th

Today I have completed my third essay. I want to add a few more things and make some corrections but I will do some of that when I get back home. Tomorrow I should be meeting with mr. Yarabek and hopefully he can take a look at it and help with the structure or anything that would make it better. I will also get started with my fourth essay.

Tuesday 24th

Today I got to start writing my first essay and am almost done with it. I did a lot of research in the morning and was able to do a lot of writing end of morning and whole afternoon. Productive day and will be completing this essay first thing tomorrow morning, so I can start working on my second one pretty much all day tomorrow.

Monday 23rd

Today I sat down at my desk and made a planning program for these next three weeks that I have to work on my senior project. I got some more ideas for my project and have started to do research. I am getting ready to write an essay on the history of sport where I will be working on for the next day or two.

Week of 20th-27th

This week was a week of final decisions. The week started off really slow, like it has been for the past few weeks but then the time had come and I got myself into a bad situation. After meeting with ms. Lein, ms. Scott, mr. Bonaventura and ms. Gunther things have finally gone to the right direction. My mentor and I decided to change my senior project in order to achieve all the due dates. And it ended up being actually much more interesting to me because now I can totally relate to my project and perhaps have more fun doing it even though knowing that there is a lot to do in such a small period of time.


Week of 22nd- 28th

This week was a very positive week in terms of getting to know the senior project’s due dates as well as the procedures required by the Ross school. I met with ms. Scott in the beginning of the week and we together went over my senior project proposal, and in addition to that, she kindly helped me by writing bullet points that she thinks it is necessary for me to do. I also bought my process folio so I actually start recording everything I have done and will do throughout the whole project. I am very excited for my mentor to come back of a work trip next week so we can discuss things and start working on my products.