The first week in M-term, I finished to gesso my second canvas and draw my first projection. I, also was working on my process folio. Now, I have to trace my drawing for the projection on transparent paper and this weekend, I will project and start painting my first canvas.

In the last days me and my mentor gathered a lot of ideas. First, we talked about involving print making in my project or more like mono prints. Mono prints are paintings on Plexi glas and putting a paper or canvas on top and then print it basically on the surface. I will consider this idea.

Also, I will order my canvas today, so it should be here by the end of next week and I can start painting.

Last week Friday I went to RBS in East Hampton to get my wood. I got 12 2×04 and brought them back to the school. Saturday morning I started to work on my frame and I finished two squares ready to stretch the canvas over them. Now I need to order the canvas and I can start my paintings.

Get going

As I finished my research I am taking a look at my framing techniques now. I will make a small model of my art cube and correct any mistakes I have made and will figure out which technique I will use for my frame. Either I will work with wood or metal.

This weekend I will prepare and try to get all the items needed and would like to start with the actual frame for my senior project.


I am doing research about different expressionist artists that use the splatter techniques that I will be using for my splatter paintings. Next week I will start to make a small model of my project and then I’ll start to work on the actual frame for my art cube.