Post-Production 14

Post-Production again. All the equipment I used is now being packed away for the Alaska trip. I have, at this point, edited the first and second half of the movie roughly. I am going to show it to Ivan before we go away to Alaska. I came across a minor problem, possibly catastrophic, this past weekend. Due to the lack of storage on my computer, I had to delete the backup of gkim15 on my computer. Little did I know that the final cut pro projects were saved into that backup for whatever reason. Good thing that I backed up the first cut, twice before I deleted it, however, there is a chance I am wrong and the entire edited first half of the movie is gone. If that is so, I might as well give up.

Production 13

The recent snowstorm has caused many problems. We got three feet of snow so one of my locations is practically inaccessible. Thankfully, most of my actors have snow boots. Tomorrow is hopefully my last day of shooting.  I have assembled a massive group of bandits, a sound engineer, a videographer, and a all of the main actors. There will be a lot of driving around to do, but thats the way it is.

In the morning I will shoot Malik’s scene with some bandits, and later that morning I will get the Mark and the rest of the main actors to film the second scene that morning. Then, from 1-4pm, we will eat and prepare for the final scene of the day and that is the one where the main actors have to steal the car from the bandits. I will have to assemble the bandits and actors again and shoot that scene in Southampton. If everything goes right, the war of attrition will come to a close and the only thing left is to edit. Hopefully, I will not have to reshoot anything, and if I do, the war might as well be lost.

Tomorrow is the big battle and if I win it I’ll have some ice cream with Lt. Dan.


Production 12

Alright, Ivan and I think I can do better, Ivan knows I can, so we plan to shoot this weekend. It is very important that I get more actors and plan more efficiently so when the time comes to shoot I will be the most prepared I can be. I am going to shoot around East Hampton this weekend with a better crew and cast. That way the movie will come out more professional and more clean cut. Hopefully this time I don’t have to go through complete hell and have to be pressured by time every second. Now that I think about it, two days for shooting will be near impossible, however, it has to be done.

Post-Production 11

I finally finished filming over Christmas break. It took a long time standing in the freezing cold to shoot the six scenes in my movie, but I’m just glad to be done. At this point it is too late to really do any pickup shooting and the actors probably would rather stay home in this weather. It’s time to just edit what I have and learn off of the mistakes I made shooting the film. I should not have much of a problem being ready for next Wednesday.

Production 10

I have am now shooting over Christmas break since things did pan over well during the school weekends. There were too many people doing too many things so I decided to drop it and take more time and effort into shooting over a longer time, which is better for me and other members of the crew. So far Dan is going to use the sound equipment first then he will pass it to me and then I either have to give it back to Dan or to Daisy. Looks like Christmas break is a time with a lot of stress rather than relaxation. Anyways, I have a solid acting crew plus or minus a few people. I just need to sort out a couple of things and I should be able to shoot soon.

Production 9

I’m getting pretty nervous at this point. Somehow I fell behind really quickly and I feel that I might not be able to go first round. The problem with that is it won’t really give me more time to film because most boarding students and the people I need will be away. So basically, If I don’t film a lot this weekend then its down the hole for this project. To add to the problems, there is an ACT test this weekend and I think the people I need for my movie are going to be taking it. At least, or I hope, there won’t be any rain this weekend. I definitely have to sort things out, otherwise its going to take a lot longer and I possibly won’t be able to finish. I don’t want to have to be stressed over Christmas break.

Pre-Production 8

Now working on the shot locations and getting a crew together. I am putting a list of all the shooting locations together as well as people I want to be in the crew. Then I will most likely send an email or ask them personally if they are available. Since the boarders have a different schedule as a day students it is going to be hard to get them to leave school or find time to help me out.

Pre-Production 7

Today I’m going to keep working on my script and re-reading it so that I can pick up some simple mistakes. I will also need to set up a meeting time with my mentor because I normally meet with him during advisory, and instead of advisory we have town meeting.

Pre-Production 6

Since the script is finished in a rough form, I have been told to take the weekend off and read the script all the way through this week. That way I can see some of the errors right away. On projects like these it is better to sometimes take breaks so that you can get your mind cleared for the time being and then jump back into it.

Pre-Production 5

The first draft of the script is finished. Now I have to go over the script and make some changes with my mentor Ivan. There are definitely things to change in the script so it is not my problem now to worry about shooting. Unless the script is 90% or above completed, I can’t begin shooting the movie. What I can think about now though how I am going to get the resources for the film.

Pre-Production 4

Still working on the script. I will be finished with the first version by the end of this week. I will try completing the first version in the way I had first envisioned it, without the Tarantino outlook. I still aim to do some changes because I feel I’m missing something to make the film a little more interesting, nevertheless the film would still be good without the violence. All I have to do now to finish the first draft is to complete the raid scene and find a way to introduce the thieves/bandits.

Pre-Production 3

At this point I have come across a minor problem in the script. I don’t know wether to make the movie less violent or add more of my own kind of Tarantino twist. Other than that the script is basically finished. I’m pretty on schedule and at this rate I will most likely be able to go first round.

Pre-Production 2

As me and my mentor, Ivan Salcedo, looked over the movie outline he decided it is time to start the script. The script is one of the harder parts of making of movie because you have to really think and put full heart into writing the script, otherwise the the movie will come out terrible. I have completed the first scene and introduced the first two characters with some dialog. This is undoubtedly going to take a while.Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 3.06.54 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 3.07.11 PM