Last blog posting

I can’t believe that today is the last day of writing this. My beginning of the senior year was pretty long for me because I was swimming in the work. I had to prepare for SAT test, write college apps, and work on my senior project. Seems like most of them are done and I think it is time to finish up those things. My plane is almost done that the parts just need to be assembled together. I just can’t believe that I have done this much work. I feel like I will be really busy until I finish my senior project presentation. I am almost there!

12/15 missed many posts

It seems like I missed a few blog postings probably from thanksgiving. It doesn’t mean that I haven’t worked on my senior project. I worked on my plane for whole 2days for the weekend. I made a huge progress, and feel like it’s going to be mostly done before I go back to Korea for winter break. Last weekend, I was working on the fuselage, and it is almost finished. I just have to finalize the parts and assemble them all together. I can’t believe that I have finished this much. Also, I got into Purdue!

Putting wings together

Last Saturday, I was working on wings. My goal for Saturday was to put wings together so that I don’t have to worry about wings anymore. It was hard to find a right balance, so I was keep trying in many ways. I have to spend more time for wings because it seems like it is incomplete yet. After I am done with wings, I will begin working on the fuselage, the main body of the plane. It is good that I am having a progress everyday.IMG_0775


I have finished working on my right wing, and I am working on my left wing. Since the way of assembling is mostly the same as the right wing, I don’t think it is going to take much time. I had SAT II math subject test last week, so I didn’t have time to spend on my project. I feel like I am getting closer and closer to the end after working on my plane. It feels great, and I can’t wait for the outcome of my project.

Making a progress everyday

I have been working on my senior project for two hours every day. The golf season is over, and the practice is optional. Even though I am making a progress every day, I still a lot of work to be done. Fortunately, my tail part of my plane is done, and I am working on the right wing. It is really hard to follow the manual because it only explains briefly. I have to try in many ways to find a right way. Although it is a big homework to do, it doesn’t stress me out and I actually enjoy doing this.IMG_0516 IMG_0521

Parents day

Since we had a parents day on Monday, I was able to get some time to work on my senior project. I was mostly working on smoothing my wood product with the sand paper. Wood dust was everywhere in Jon’s room, so I had to vacuum the room. I think I made a big progress yesterday because I was staying there working on my project more than three hours. Seems like my project is getting into a shape. I have to keep this up.

10/16 After SAT

My October SAT is done. Even though it is done, I don’t feel so happy because I also have to take subject test in November, and take SAT one more time in December. Anyway, I feel little bit relieved now. I got a lot of time to work on my project before November. I think this is the time to work hard on it. I got four weeks till the approval. I really hope that I get approved for my first run. This Monday will be the time to put myself on work and get much work done.

begin working

I have got what I needed for my senior project, and I am working in Jon’s class. Even though it’s a kit, it is really complicated and big. It requires many many steps to assembly it. Also, glueing takes time because they don’t stick really well. But, seems like I am doing good since anyway I started making my project. This Saturday, I have SAT test, so I might not be able to spend a lot of time on my project.IMG_0373

it is kind of embarrassing to say, but it took me 2hours to make the outer frame of the tail part of the plane. I am really excited to make this plane!!!

9/29 Materials have arrived

My materials have arrived last Friday. It is in the mail room right now, and I have to move it to my desk to check it. I am really excited to see my stuff. Last Saturday, I went to Jeong Ho’s house because he said he will show me his plane flying. Since his plane was not for a senior project, but for practice, it was simple and seemed easy to control. After showing me the fly, he suggested me to fly my plane. I was bit interested but also feeling scared because my plane will be heavy, and I am not a professional controller. Anyway, he made me to think about flying my plane.

9/24 first blog posting

First two weeks of school was so fast. Adapting into the new section and the new boarding house took me some time to focus on my senior project. I bought my materials for my plane on last Friday, so I hope it comes this week. It’s going to be so huge, and I am really excited to begin making it. I feel like my project is gradually making a shape. Before I order the materials, I was like a child, lost the way in the forest. Since I ordered my materials, the only thing I have to do is concentrate on it and put a lot of effort for a beautiful result.