The Last Time

I have completed my senior project! The only thing left to do is print the stories and get ready for my presentation. Ms. Walker wants me to get a few last minute comments on my letters so I’ll wait a day or two more before I print them. I am so proud of myself for getting this done on time even though I didn’t doubt my ability to do so.

The Endings

During winter break I managed to send in all of my entries to Ms. Walker via email. I got the envelopes and managed to find a color printer that would adjust to the correct size. I printed the images approved by Ms. Walker onto the envelopes and began writing my presentation speech. All I have left to do is complete my presentation, have it edited and print the entries.


3 More

I didn’t have much to do last week which was great. I re-edited a few stories and chose the images I want to go on each envelope. When I met with Ms.Walker she thought it’d be better if I put images relevant to each entry on the envelopes instead making them all Bahamian related. So that’s what I spent my weekend doing. Looking for relevant images. Tomorrow I’ll print those images and hand all the entries to Ms. Walker to finalize.

IMG_2294 Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 11.56.09 AMmain_ross

2nd to the last editing

Over the past week I gathered all but one of the materials I need to complete my final product. I spent the early part of the week editing a few stories and by the upcoming Wednesday or Thursday I shall be ready to hand in all of the entries together along with the image that will be presented on each envelope.



I spent the past week editing my entries. Taking a break from writing really helped me. I fixed a few mistakes and added more things to a few of my stories. I got the yellow paper needed to print a few of the stories on, now I just need to get the blue paper and the envelopes. I also finished writing the first draft of my last entry.



Winding down

Last week was a busy one. I reorganized my portfolio and I narrowed down the fonts for my entries to three. I also edited lots of them. Technically I only have two left to finish writing which I expect to get done this week. After that, all that’s left to do is edit them and copy the images onto the envelopes.Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 6.08.26 PM


The past week was spent editing entries and composing more of them. I have completed a few and I have written seven so far. All that’s left is for the rest to be edited. I already know which images I will put onto the envelopes and the color of the paper the entries will be printed on. I have started preparing the layouts for the entries now all I have to do is finalize it.

Getting Stuff Done

Last week I completed two of my stories and I suspect I’ll be done with another in the upcoming week. Ms.Walker and I talked about my final product and she gave me ideas on where to get the materials I need. I expect to be done with all of my stories by Mid-December and during the break I’ll create my final product. At the rate I’m going I might finish before then.

1st Accomplishment

I think I finally understand what it is Ms. Walker was trying to get me to do within my writings. Last week she had me read and re-read a descriptive story and article. After reading them aloud and highlighting the use of descriptive and figurative language, a lightbulb went off in my mind. Writing is not just about putting words on a paper, it’s about letting ideas flow from the mind onto the page. I think I’ve completed my first story and now that I understand how to write I just have to elaborate on the other stories I’ve already written.



The past week I finished my second story and handed it in to Ms. Walker. I completed the third story and began the fourth. I’m having a bit of trouble getting my thoughts in order for the fourth story so I’m not sure if I’ll get this one in on time. I need to talk to my friends to find out what words I pronounce differently and I need to ask them about their reactions on my many different hairstyles. I’ve also been writing on weekend mornings and Wednesday mornings.



Last week I focused on gathering oral history from those who’ve left The Bahamas to move to the U.S. So far I’ve gotten four responses but I’m working on a few more. I thought about how my final product will look and I’m leaning towards a bundle of letters. During my meeting with Ms. Walker I got back my second draft of my first story and the main thing i need to focus on is specifics. I spent the weekend editing that draft and writing my second story. We decided that I’ll hand in a story every Tuesday.20141013_101744


This past week I focused on getting my process book up to date and editing my first story. I worked on incorporating descriptive ideas and figurative language in my writing. I also tried writing as though I was my fourteen year old self which I found hard because so much has happened since then. I’ve been pulling out what memories I can remember and asking my friends and my mom to tell me what I was like at fourteen. I also put the calendar in my process folio to keep up with important dates. The upcoming week I plan to start story number two and continue with the edits of story number one if needed.


At 14.

At 14.

First draft


This past week my mentor and I met to discuss the progress I’d made since our last meeting. We went through my portfolio and took note of what needs to be altered and inserted. We also went over my first draft which needs to be edited by our next meeting. Ms. Walker noted that I wasn’t writing as my fourteen year old self so that’s going to be my main focus for the next week. I’m going to be the fourteen year old Bahamian I was when I moved here in both body and mind. Hopefully I become successful in bringing out that part of me in my writing.


This week I met with my mentor Susan Walker to discuss what I’ve done so far and what I need to get done by our next meeting. This week I pasted the blurbs of The Bahamian stories into my process folio along with the simile wheel. My next task is to color in the simile wheel and paste the blurbs of my final project into my process folio. I’ve also sent out the questionnaire that I developed to my friends and family who have also left The Bahamas and moved to the U.S in order to gain more insight on the transition. For our next meeting I need to have created an identity for my protagonist and have my first story ready for editing.