Buy Buy Buy

My project needs a lot of buildings and some equipment. Therefore, I used Taobao, an online shopping center like amazon, bought 3 things: 2 中天正品城市梦想区域规划建筑模型 (, 1 中天新锦绣江南古典园林创意模型 ( It needs 492 yuan ($80.39) with shipping fee.

I also bought Bachmann Trains Playground Equipment ($9.76) and one more building in amazon.IMG_2484

I used same scale to print these buildings out and put them together. My goal is to make my own model like this design.

Scale Problem

When I was calculating the scale of elements of the model, there was a problem that the first International Trade Market is too big to fit my design. The length and width of the market are too bigger than the height, which makes the model become a round 7 meters long but only 4 centimeters high. I have to change the market to another smallest one, which is Huangyuan Clothing Market.

Work in Second Week

This week, I also thought about how to let my project work. I bought a sketch book for recording my work and it is very convenient for me to write down something new from my minds.IMG_2298

Furthermore, I wrote something what I am going to do and find some difficulties that I am going to talk about with my mentor.IMG_2300

Last, I draw the first design for the whole buildings (the position of each buildings and what is on my product).IMG_2301

The Planned Product of My Senior Project

During this week, I have talked with my mentor Mr. B about what I actually want to do, which is making a 3D model of my hometown, Yiwu, Zhejiang province, China.  However, the work is too big to complete. I choose only a part of Yiwu which is the most famous and typical architecture and includes a group of markets, a park and a living community. I am going to choose basla which is a kind of wood, plastic material, LED lights and so on.  Moreover, I searched about Yiwu Market and get some information from a website and the picture that is shown in the website is what I am going to make. (