Final Touch

I have gathered all of my materials and cut it in to pieces the way I wanted it to be like. I have all the prints but one and all of the furnitures, lights, sounds, and scents are all ready. All I’m waiting for now is to make sure that I can construct it and also some of the materials that I need to brush up. (Plexi Box and one print)

Cutting the prints

Marking last wednesday I have gotten all of my materials at school. My dividers are all ready and also I got all the lights and plexiglass as well. Today I will be finishing up with cutting all the photos and by tomorrow I will have 95% of my project ready to go

Finalizing the Work

These are all the materials and all the works I have done so far.

1. Prints- Have printed all of my buildings and still waiting on the long prints for the Ground

2.Plexiglass- Have picked up every plexi plates and waiting to mount the photos

3.Smell- Its here!

4.Recordings- Have recorded all of the music and ready to go

5.Lights- I have ordered it through amazon and its on its way

6.Dividers-By this friday I will be done with making all of the furnitures and painted

Getting Ready

I have contacted the plexi glass company and the light company! I have most of my materials ready and I’m currently on the line to order the wood for my dividers. As soon as I get my materials down to east hampton I will be good to go to start constructing some parts of my project.


I started ordering my wood for the dividers that I need to build and I have ordered most of the pictures of my building through Bridge hampton photo and frame. Also! I have got confirmation on the plexiglass to paste those photos. By next week I will be able to figure things out about my space.


After thorough research, I have completed the bases of understanding the most important part of my senior project. Curating became one of the important component of my senior project. I have started contacting Deborah Willis, who is an amazing curator. I’m currently learning the key points of curating. By end of this week I will be able to finish the understanding of the essence of art of curating.

Senior Project 9/24/14

Today I’m having a meeting with Ned Smyth, which will help me to figure out where I’m going to have my senior project. Also I’m meeting with Mr.Hill to prepare to address and present my senior project to the Princeton Prize, which will be happening in january.

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