Weekly Entry 01/06/15

We have just come back from Christmas break. Over the course of two weeks I have been finalizing my ideas for my installation and art pieces. I still have an immense amount of work to complete in order to be approved for formal approval which is january 14th. It’s going to be hard but I’m certain I can do it.

Weekly entry 12/15/14

This week I’m working on my write ups for each drug and all of the research I have for each. I’m also working on the layout for my installations, and I’ve decided to narrow down the amount of drugs to three, LSD, DMT and Peyote. I met with Mr. Schade yesterday at school to discuss my installation and each writing pieces.

Weekly entry 12/3/14

This week I have been focussing on my peyote installation/ art. Peyote is a plant that the native americans of mexico have been using for thousands of year and it has even migrated to some northern american tribes as well. They use it for religious practices and have many rituals that have been in the tribe since the beginning of it all.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 10.25.48 AMfrom Plants of the Gods- their sacred healing and hallucinogenic powers by Richard Evans and Albert Hoffman.

Thanksgiving break

Over thanksgiving break I met with Patty Lein and Carleton Schade to discuss my project and installation spaces. I read a few articles Schade had for me relating to psilocybin mushrooms, peyote and LSD.along with the articles he gave me numerous really interesting books to read and go through which were very helpful. I also wrote my mission/artist statement.

Weekly entry 11/10/14

This week I have thought up my entire installation. I have come up with my objectives and what I’m trying to achieve in each installation along with what materials I will need to obtain these goals. I will roughly have 5 interactive installations to achieve each feeling of each drug I portray. I will be creating rooms for each of the following drugs

– Marijuana



-Depressants (ex. pain killers)

-Stimulants (ex. Aderall/ritalin, cocaine)

Weekly entry 10/14/14

As of right now Mr. Schade and I are still working on accumulating research for my project because most of it is a research project as it turns out, minus my collages. For me the hardest part is gathering and grouping all of my research in a way that makes more sense and is more personal to me rather than just written documents from other people and their experiences. I’m still in a good spot I think and Schade has a lot of good ideas and advice but I am getting a little overwhelmed with the workload and deadlines with everything else as well.