Day 7: Concepts.

I’ve realized that i’m very good at starting songs without finishing them. This may prove to be a challenge later on but we shall see what happens.

As far as an album goes, i’m not sure for a name yet but I have a concept of how it’s going to be structured. Each song is going to be named after the color that first comes into my mind while making the song.

Here’s the first one.

This is the first draft of the song with hopefully, if I think it’s good enough, changes in the near future.

Cheers, Jack

Day 4: Samples for days.

I’ve been messing around with various samples, sample packs, and drum loops. Cutting up various jazz tracks and other genres of music, mostly piano based jazz though. I’m doing that because it is the nicest genre of music to loop melodically.

This is one of the favorite ones i’ve made so far. It gives me a nice, 10 second loop to mess around with.

Still figuring out how to record things, it’s a long process that can be easier.

Cheers, Jack

Day 3: Making Leaps

Over the weekend I put roughly about 4 hours in total just working on the Launchpad, finding and using any samples and loops that I could find, and I’ve finished or at least started about 4 “sets.”

Sets are the set up for the beat making process, to put it simply, everything is set up to make the beats, I can go back and remake the beats that I want to.

Here’s my favorite one from last night. However I can’t figure out how to record things longer though, that’s my next task for this project.

Cheers, Jack


Day 2: Getting Started

So my launchpad has arrived and I have spent the weekend of the 20th-22nd just messing around with the launchpad, learning the in’s and outs and as well as doing lots of long and really rather boring process of editing audio clips on Audacity.

This process can and will take a very long time to finish, however I have to put in the work now for the end result to be good. Think of it like preparing a dish, you can have all the best chefs and ingredients you want, if your prep isn’t good the dish will be bad.

I will continue to edit samples to use, until I have enough for my liking, however i’m a very picky person so I might need to just lower my standards a  little bit.

Cheers, Jack

Day 1: Project Underway

Well, after a long and tremulous summer, I have finally decided on a project that I am excited about and that I actually can learn gain knowledge from it.

Taken from my proposal ”

  • I plan on creating a 6-track remix EP of Nujabes’s album Modual Soul. Using a variety of software or Digital Audio Workstations (DAW’s) to remix and use various songs of this album and make them my own. Along with this I will write a biography of the creator, Nujabes or Seba Jun’s life. He unfortunately passed on in early 2010 in a car crash and his was an influential figure in the underground hip-hop scene, more specifically in his birthplace of Japan. “

Nujabes was an inspiration to myself and many others around the world long after his life was cut short.

I have also bought a Novation Launchpad S, which is a controller which basically you can set up to a digital audio workstation and press buttons to play loops or samples or instruments that you have set up.

I’m excited to get started on this project.

Cheers, Jack