week 1/5

Yesterday was the first day of school after break. Ms Cross brought me to piece of new stretcher which she bought since it was too hard to cut the original stretcher shorter. I hammered the stretcher together and stretched my canvas successfully. I found out that it requires a lot of strength to stretch the canvas and I definitely needs more practice on that. IMG_5410

This is when I was stretching my canvas


After stretching!

Week 12/15

On Thursday, before the christmas break, the stretchers that I ordered online arrived and I carried it to the art room. I then asked Ms Cross to help me stretch my canvas. Ms Cross taught me how to hammer the stretchers together and put the canvas on it. However, when I put the canvas on the stretcher, I found out that the size of the stretcher is wrong that it does not fit my canvas. The stretcher is too long that I cannot wrap my canvas around it. Ms Cross said she is going to ask if her husband could fix that for for during the break so that I could not stretch it until after the break.

The photo is me painting the details of the lady.IMG_4947

week 12/8

I have been looking for poses for my lady on the internet but I can’t find one that I exactly want. So, I came up with the idea of asking Liza to be my model and pose for me. I took picture of her on Monday and chose some good ones. Then I project the photo onto my canvas and drew the outline with white charcoals. I adjust some parts of her face and used oil paint to paint it on to my background. I finished it on Friday. Now I just have to make the dress.


week 11/10

This week I started the lower part of the painting. I changed the size a little bit and used charcoal to redraw it. I painted the base and some details. I asked Nicole for ways that I can hem the dress on to the canvas and she advised me to use hem tapes. Also, I brought some fabrics on Saturday. I found a fabric with purple rose pattern on it and I really like it.

week 10/20

This week, I started painting. I decided to use acrylic and maybe some oil paint afterwards. I stayed at school during the weekend and work on my project. Also, I’m keep designing the dress and I’ve been looking at Stephane Rolland’s fashion shows because he is my favorite designer and I think my style is going to be similar as his.

This is the part that I painted:IMG_0175

week 10/13

This week, I finished a collage of my background using images of abandoned buildings and abandoned street. I also drew some of it by my self. The part i left blank will be where the lady will stand. My mentor helped me to scan the collage and put it on a projector in order to let me draw the collage on the canvas in right proportion.

This is my collage:


week 9/29

This week my mentor taught me how to do better charcoal drawing. I finished another one and I am working on the third one which I will add some people into it. Also, I am working on designing my real background and maybe I will also do some small paintings in addition to my main painting.

week 9/22

This week I met with my mentor and we decided the size of my canvas and my mentor told me to try charcoal drawing to practice my background. I completed one drawing with charcoal. Also, I’m keeping doing researches on my project. On Saturday, I went to the Mood to look for fabrics and I took some samples for later reference.

week 9/14

I met with my mentor and I’ve been researching for image of apocalypse and south bronx because the back ground of my painting will be showing the dark side of the society. I drew three designs and I’ll try to decide whether to use oil paint or acrylic for my painting.