Weekly Blog 12082014

Last week, I started to match the front and back part together with Dressmaker pins. My first Kimono, which is blue and knit Kimono was very difficult because the knit stretch out. It was very first time for me to produce clothes thus to use pins was very complicated and hard for me.

I will be sewing the material together from arm part and than to the main body next week.

Weekly Blog 12012014

For last week I measured material and cut them. Most difficult part of cutting was to draw straight lines. Since each piece is about 1 M (3 ft) so it was really hard to draw straight lines. To cut materials is all about lines because you just need to cut on the line. Especially, I used a Dressmaker’s tracing wheel (image below) to draw lines, it was harder for me to draw straight lines. When I use Dressmaker’s tracing paper, I cannot see if I am drawing straight or not therefore checking every time when I draw a line was hard part of drawing.




Weekly Blog 11242014

I will be cutting my material in pieces this week. In order to cut the material straight, I will be drawing lines to make sure I cut straightly. Also when I cut knit material and silk, I will be cutting slowly, because knit stretches and silk’s string will be pilling off if I cutting them rapidly.


Weekly Blog 11172014

By visiting Metropolitan Museum, I got some idea that I could use for my Kimonos. First, to use leather material for collar and belt. Second, The color of the leather.

To start producing a Kimono, I will be measuring the material and cutting them. In order to produce a good Kimono, it requires exact measures and straight cut. For instance, if I do not cut straight, I will be suffering when I sew them.

Within this week or next, I will be measuring both of Kimonos and cut them in pieces.


Weekly Blog 11102014

On Sunday, I went to Metropolitan Museum to earn some idea of Kimono. In exhibition, there were traditional kimono to modern Kimono thus I earn many idea and history of Kimono. Also there was a Kimono that produced by Issei Miyake who is very famous designer from Japan.

I will start producing a first Kimono this week and this trip to Metropolitan has been great opportunity to understand the concept of Kimono to start my modern Kimono.



Weekly Blog 11032014

For this week, I was suppose to start producing the Kimono, however by accident of payment for material, I could not start sewing.

However Ms. Lichtenstein told me that there is an exhibition going on in Metropolitan Museum therefore I am planning to go to Museum this weekend.

I hope my material will come by this week or begging of next week so that I can start working on it.

Weekly Blog 10272014

For past a week, I have worked on sewing for the practices/examples and I went to a material shop in NYC to buy material though the materials that I wanted were not there. I ask my mentor, Mami to take me to material shop in Sag Harbor to find some material. Thus I hope I will find the material but in case if I do not find the right material, I will go to city again to look for the material.


For this week, I am trying to work on the product however if I can not find the material then I will be working on practicing to make straight line with sewing machine.

Weekly Blog 10162014

For past a week, I decided to choose 2 Kimono designs to produce. Eventually I decided to make one denim Kimono with knit lining and one khaki denim with denim-ish material as lining. Also as I post late week I am going to start sewing the first Kimono. For this week I am going to find the material for khaki denim, knit and denim-ish material for lining.

Compare to last week, I have organized better and have wrote some details on process folio. From this week, I will actually producing Kimono. I am exciting but you need to sew perfectly in order to produce good Kimono therefore I will have practices before I start.

Weekly Blog 10062014

For past a week, I have been working on process folio. I had add a new design and structure and process of making Kimono.  Im still trying to find materials but I think, first, I need to decide which design do I want to make.

To be honest, I should start sew Kimono but I need to either find a sewing machine or buy them.

My plan for this week is to decide which design am I going to produce and find a shop that I can find some materials.

Weekly Blog 09292014

Last week, I tried to figure out what kind of design do I want. And I came up with ideas of patching style and uniform style.

Also last weekend, I went to city to find material for patching design, however I found out that there are no swift shop around manhattan, therefore I am going to go to Brooklyn or Queens to find material. Or Im thinking to ask people in Ross to donate me some jeans instead of buying.

However, I found out that each jeans use different material, thus if I laundry them, different patching parts of jeans will shrink differently.

The topic for this week is to figure how the patching Kimono will work.