Beat Into Submission

The structure has been framed in all its last minute glory. I say last minute because I was making changes to the design/set up right until we nailed each piece in. The act of using nails for the framing is where I got the post title. We, as in Juan (a builder friend) and I, basically, laid out the octagonal shape, which I played around with in blue tape for a while before arriving on a final decision, cut doubles of each of the pieces, cut 2×4’s seven feet long for the height, and then put it all together. Also we framed the windows, which came last because I was quite indecisive about placement. Next is siding, windows, and doors.

Final chosen shape. Came to this decision through much consideration of tree location, accessibility, flow, and space.

Almost there! Looking perty.

Almost there! Looking pretty.

All done; it's getting dark really early...

All done, it’s getting dark really early…