I am finishing up the the book which is about Japan. After I finish this book, I need to began editing my film which is about the travel. The video is acutely not part of my senior PJ. However, I do need to use it for the presentation. While the people viewing my two books, they could also see the video.

The other thing I need to do is to collect all the souvenirs from both Jamaica and Japan, and show them on the project presenting day.


So, Before go on the trip, I have to talk to my mentor and make sure everything could be done before the deadline. I’ve finished the Jamaica one. I get started on the book about Japan. I pick out the pictures, and make sure which page should which scene.

During the break, I think I need to start drawing the book.




So, i got the pen, and I can finally finish the book of Jamaica. This is the most tough one so far, since this is the first time for me to draw a whole traveling experience on a book. I will show it to Mr.B this Thursday.
I also receive collage letter from both MICA and SVA. They gave me pretty good common on my art works. SVA even gave me a small sketch book that I can continue working on my brain storming.
This is the most tough week for me. Not only senior project, the homework and the pressure from collage application, also the stress from myself. I had to lead cheerleading everyday since 4 to the dinner time. I feel very exhausting everyday.
I really hope I can get over with this, like ASAP.


I picked out the picture for Japan, and New York. I think its really important to choose the right pen for my project. I was able to talk to Brianna, and she gave me the suggestion. I think i will have to pen on this Friday.
Jamaica only left 3 pages. I think I can finished it on this friday.


So, last sunday I went to check out the national portfolio day in city. I’ve talk to many teachers from different art collages. I showed them my senior project work, and they were really appreciated it. They gave me a lot of idea to promote the quality of my work. I also have seen a lot of cool arts from other people, and it remind me to be more productive on my senior project.
Last week, I talk to my mentor, and we agree with that present my work on the first around. I can’t wait to see the outcomes, also other people’s work!!!


The jamaica one is almost done, left the other topic: Japan and New york. New york topic will focus on NYC. There are so many different culture influences in NYC, and those differences formed into a special culture, which is why NYC is so international. I think i will focus on food, the architecture and the distribution of the population.

11/2 Senior pj

I am continuing to draw some pictures and coloring up the drawings. I am almost half way through of my book. Next week is the pre-limit proposal due, I need to have at least 80% finish. Yesterday, I met with my mentor and realized I am behind a little bit, but I will catch up as soon as possible.

IMG_2589 IMG_2592 IMG_2591

10/27 senior pj

So, today i am finished half way of my first book(Jamaica). However, i only finish drawing, but not letter. I think I will keep on drawing first, because they present the main value of my senior project. I  will keep meeting Mr.B on Thursday. We haven’t meet each other for two weeks, since Mr.B is the head of the school and have a lot of work to do. We’ve talk further more about my project on thuesday, and continue talk about about how to complete my senior project as perfect as it can.
IMG_2587 IMG_2590


I continue my drawing and trying to match the drawing pieces with the words that i’ve wrote. I practiced my sketch skill with multiple architecture drawing, and think that’s one of the goal I want to achieve form doing senior project. I also decided to have three different techniques for three different books, they are sketch with black pencil(or color pencil), color pencil, and water color.
I wish they will turns out great.

IMG_2588 IMG_2587


I finally got my suitcase back!!! and i could continue working on editing the movie. I am going to talk to Mr.B, and we will decide the rubric for my senior project which is due this friday.I found I cannot upload picture online, but if I found out the way, I will post it.

IMG_2584 IMG_2586

10/6/14 senior pj

So, today, Ms.Scott told us about the senior pj processing paper is due on Wednesday. I think it is very urgent for me to complete the processing paper and hand it over to Mr.B. He could help me add or drop something. Last week, I finally got massage from my friend that they found the suitcase, and they will bring it back to me on this weekend. It means i don’t need to change my project now! Same as last week, i continue drew few pages, and write some paragraphs for my project.

IMG_2582 IMG_2585

9/29/14 senior pj processing

I started wrote traveling journey, and I’ve met Ben again for my project. It is going very well, and i will still continue write my traveling journey. Ben said i should draw first, then writing.  He thinks my project is more about drawing, rather than writing. However, i think its better to write it first( i think my thoughts and whatever i want to show others are the most important thing).

Also, every tragically, I lost my suitcase during the weekend in New York. In the suitcase, i have my video camera and its contain some parts of my senior pj. My topic is about traveling, so i cannot to make it up and i dont have the backup. I think i will talk to Ben, and foudn out how to change my senior pj.

IMG_2581 IMG_2583


9/22/14, monday

Last week, I’ve been working on the brain storming of my senior pj ideas and through the discussion with my mentor(Mr.B), I think i will focus on three countries( Jamaica, Japan, America(new york)). I also kind of decide how to present my senior pj. The “Jamaica trip” is already on the process.