A frame is the answer

For the past few weeks, I have been going over ideas on how to best display my swords.  I need to keep them protected and at the same time show the delicate metal and word work.  The answer that I think is best is doing a full frame with the swords mounted inside the box and glass in front.   I decided to do a dark color on the wood frame as a contrast to my swords

.Romansworddisplaybox copyBroadsworddisplaybox copy

Working on the book

The past few days I have been working on the photo book showing the process of designing and making the swords. Its interesting to see how much work did go into making the swords but since i started in the summer it did not seem like it was too much. I am glad I started early. Learning blacksmithing was very hard work especially the heat in the Italian summer. And learning how dangerous but delicate metal work can be. Looking back at the photos, I really appreciate all the time it took to learn just a little. And watching the blacksmith, Marco, still learning new things with the swords was interesting as well. The book is coming along. I have the photos and now I have some of it laid out with captions. My plan is to send it out to the printers on Thursday night after school.

Getting ready for the photos

Next week, I have a photographer coming to photograph the swords.  So I need to have them looking good.  This week, I polished the blades one last time.  In the summer when I got back from Italy, I polished the blades with a steel brush but a lot of the steel got caught in the nooks in the blade.  Then the steel rusted and kind of left a few marks.  I got a special cloth that will remove the rusted steel and give it the polish that I am looking for.  The wood handle needed more sanding and oiling.  I ended up using my favorite oil…olive oil on the wood.  It brings out the grain of the wood.  I did not think a lacquer finish would look good with the level of polish I have on the blades.  The oil finish looks great on the swords!

DSC07105 DSC07097

The carving blade

This week, I have been working on a handle for a new carving blade.  When I was working in Italy this summer, I created three blades.  The long broad sword with Japanese influences, the Roman sword with Roman influences and this short blade.  I was not sure what I would do with the handle but decided to do a molded clay design that looked rustic to match the rustic quality of the blade.  I am not sure I will show this with the other two blades but I wanted to explore the possibility.  I am calling it The Carving Blade.

Project update/news 9/29/14

I researched designs of scabbards and started a basic design I might want to create. I also started to draw up ideas for a display stand to show off my final project!

These are some photos of work that I did on making the wood handles for my long broad sword.  The design of this sword is influenced by Japanese design.  One feature that I really like about this handle is the pommel at the end of the sword.  I modified a screw that I found in the metal shop.  The detachable piece shows a slight difference in where the two pieces come together.


༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ First blog post ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ progress update 9/22/14

For my Senior Project, I created two swords. I spent three weeks over the summer working and living with a master blacksmith in Italy. We completed most of the metal work on the project over the summer. Over this past week, I have been working on ideas with my mentor to improve the project. We came up with creating a stand for the swords and maybe creating a scabbard. Stay tuned to find out more of what happens!