Final Post

I spent this last week improving my posters with some advice from Ms. Martino and also making sure I would have frames to expose them on the exhibition night. Now I am completing the video doing everything I can to finish editing by my due date.

Week 9

For the past few weeks, including break, I focussed on gathering all my shoots to create my final commercial. I also searched for music with no license needed and am now working with a friend to mash them together as the soundtrack of the movie. I talked to Ms. Larsen on the school’s publishing office for new ideas in terms of slogans and how to call more attention with my already edited posters. From now on, I will be editing until the final project is complete.

Week 3

The video ad is starting to take shape, still on paper but soon to become reality, sketches were made and I now know when I’ll be able to take the camera to start shooting. I have the story behind the video and my original slogan, which still might change.

Week 2

This week I invested time on sharing my ideas for senior project with team mates on the soccer practices and asking them if they would like to join in. Later I started sending emails to the adidas team, specifically to their U.S. Soccer management, no responses yet, but I’ll keep you guys posted.

The Idea

Good morning and greetings, this is the beginning of my blog.

For my senior project I’ll be working on creating advertisements. After my summer experience I am ready to start creating, the first step is to know what I’m advertising and my brand new idea are cleats. During the Fall Trimester the Ross School soccer team gathers every weekday to practice or face another Long Island school, I can ask for the help of my team mates to perform stunts while I shoot the props. This will have to be done quickly, since the season will soon be over.

More information will still be added…