1.6.15 (Project 99% Completed)

For the past few weeks, I have been doing the final edits for my book (and completed my book!). I’ve been looking for typos and correcting the color profiles on my images to ensure that the colors don’t change during the blurb book printing process. Once that was finished, I submitted a PDF of the book to blurb. Luckily, I received a tangible proof within 5 days. Carrie helped me look over this proof, and after I fixed more typos and color profiles, I submitted the final PDF to blurb! I now have 30 final copies and am still in the process of distributing them among the survivors and my teachers, family, and friends. All I have left to do is prepare for exhibition night and my presentation!

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 10.04.45 AM


This week, I continued to transcribe interviews and began to gather photographs for my collages. I also went to the Hamptons International Film Festival to see “Night Will Fall,” a documentary about assembling the recently discovered footage for Alfred Hitchcock’s and Sidney Bernstein’s unfinished film titled “German Concentration Camps Factual Survey.”


This week, I wrote my introduction for Carrie Clark and put together a schedule for my whole project. I spoke to Alexis and Dale for advice on which books I should look at for inspiration…I want to find a couple of books that combine text, photographs, and graphics in an interesting way. I also started transcribing my interview with Erika Hecht, contacted the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. to get access to their photo archives, and sat down with Carrie to make a plan for the week. Here is a picture of my schedule and a written list of things that I plan on accomplishing this week:


This week I met with Carrie and compiled a list of tasks to carry out within the next two weeks. The list includes writing the introduction to my book, looking for book layout inspiration, transcribing interviews, looking for more survivors to contact, and adding more to my process book. This week, I transcribed an interview with Rivka Azmon and organized the information into categories (which will help me when I look back at the information later). I added a completed questionnaire (sent to me from Judith Bihaly) to my process book as well as hidden children documents, which were given to me by Rivka Azmon. I also interviewed Erika Hecht in Sag Harbor on Saturday and scheduled another interview for October 5th with David Nutovitz in NYC. The introduction to my book is due for Carrie on Friday, September 26th, so I will continue to work on that this week in addition to transcribing the interview with Erika Hecht.