I was out with limes and strep for almost two months at the bringing of the year. This was quite a setback and i was unable to work on basically everything. I have quite a few blog entries missing due to this, however I am back on track and all caught up!


I’m currently focusing on getting display items for exhibition night, pricing all of my items and putting tags on them. On top of that I am also finishing photographing clothing and editing the pictures for the sight.


This week, I will be photographing, and editing all of my products. I will also be finishing a list of all my merchandise with prices. I have creed an account on a web sight called square space, which will be my web host. Over christmas break I will continue to edit pictures, and add them to my web page as well as look for more products. Over the last break I went to multiple flea markets and vintage stores in search of products and i was quite successful.


These past few weeks I have been struggling with Lymes, however I am recovering and will pick up my school work again. I have a complete inventory list, and have placed orders for restoration equipment. This week I will be spending most of my time working on college essays and doing make up work from all my absences.

Check In

September 22: This week I meet with my advisor and discussed the process of getting a business license, What I would like my overall line to look like, branding ideas, and small projects that I could do my self to sell on the site such as hand made pillows. Ive started to draw up an official business plan which includes, prospect buyers, target goals, and management planning. I have also started contacting friends of mine that are artists and working on akin deals with them to sell their work on my sight.

September 29: This week I have been working on compiling a list of what supplies I will need/where to get them, and comparing prices to ensure I can get the best deal. I’ve also been putting in some work on my portfolio by adding pictures and brainstorming logo ideas.