Week 10

Although the weather delayed the progress, but I managed to get some photos shot. I had photographed 3 pairs, and left with 2 pairs. Hope to have those photographed, and I can send in the photos for printing, and order picture frames for exhibition at the end of this week, and all the materials will be delivered by the end of next week.

Week 9

Ned, Jack and I went to Bridge Hampton Common and into Staples to check out their printing services, and into a frame shop to look at some frames. I had found people for my photos, but the weather delayed the progress, so I have to arrange properly to get the photos shot as soon as possible.

Week 8

I bought the 5 mugs in the city. When I met with Ned, we successfully broke the handles of the mugs in order to connect and join them together. I am waiting for the epoxy glue to arrive, and when the handles are attached, the process of filming will begin.


week 7

Both Mentor and I are worry about the progress, which is a little behind to meet the Preliminary Approval. As the process of 3D-printing is slow, we decided to change the way of production by modifying physical models, since the object itself is not the primary product, while the visual presentation(photographs & videos) is the main outcome and demonstration. I am able to get physical models during the weekend, and next week I will start arranging people whom will involve in the photos and the composition of the videos. I will have to push myself, without losing the quality of the works, to catch up with the due dates.

week 5

finally finalized how should the product should be presented. from which i can determine a more detailed timeline of the project. finished search on one of the topics, and will go into other topics.

week 4

Ned suggested that I should focus my project more on the presentation of the philosophy content; in other words, guiding the project into a heavier photographic/video-graphic base instead of the creation of the product. I will make a further decision.