My current problem is that one of the dollhouses is not completely wood like the other two. The back of the dollhouse is a weird card board material that paint does not stick to. So now my vision of the entire house being navy is changed, as well as each room will now have one white wall (thats what color the card board is).

Almost done

The third dollhouse kit came right after writing my last blog post. I put it together with my dad that night and so now I have all three dollhouses. The next step is to paint the houses so I painted the first two with primer (its a grey color) The third one is already painted and has designs on it so I am just going to paint over that. I am going to buy colors today after school and get started. I am now just waiting on some of the furniture for the third house. To my surprise when I went to go paint the second house I realized that it broke in my car while transporting it from school to my house. My dad is going to help me patch it.

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The dollhouse kit I ordered takes long because of waiting for glue to dry but it should be fully complete by tomorrow because I finished it today it just has details that need to be glued. The dollhouse that I made from wood that I had cut is complete, me and skelly did it on Sunday, it took about 3 hours and it looks awesome. All the furniture for the first two houses are at my house so the next step is to paint the two that are complete and start organizing where the furniture should go. I already laid out the furniture in the dollhouse we made from the wood because I had it at my house. The third house should be coming in the mail soon and I am ordering the furniture tonight. unnamed-1 unnamed-2 unnamed-3 unnamed-4 unnamed-5 unnamed-6 unnamed-7 unnamed

New trimester

Over the break I wrote the final outlines for each house, including the colors of each room and what will be in them. I also wrote a draft of my artist statement. I picked up wood for house 2 and the dollhouse I purchased I have to put together for house 1, which is super complicated. I am ordering the furniture for the two houses right now. House 3 is what I am worried about.

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Last week of trimester

I purchased the dollhouse for the pressure to succeed house. The other two I will probably build. My mom contacted a man who knows a man that collects dollhouses. Waiting to hear back. I put in my process book some of the things I want to put in each dollhouse. I also want to take people up on their offers to let me borrow some furniture. My process book is coming along great. I now have one dollhouse and I will soon buy and locate the furniture for each house. Over the break I will be in Mexico and I am going to look at interior design magazines to get some ideas for colors and wallpaper that I want to use in each house. This new project is coming along better then my other one.

Picture day

Yesterday my outside mentor Eliza came over and we photographed savannah. This picture will be the reoccurring picture in each collage. We took about 200 and then put them on my computer. We put one in photoshop for me to start playing around with but I will be getting a more detailed lesson on how to do the vision I have for this final product. I’m super excited now because this project is really coming along.

Moving along

In my process book I finished the last two cover pages of where I will be journaling. I have been writing in those sections. Soon and quickly I will write down the research that I have been doing formally. The last step will then to actually produce the collages online that I could finish within a week, maybe two.


Falling behind

Getting my tonsils removed screwed up more then I thought it would. I missed 7 full days of school. During my recovery of 11 horrible days, I thought I would be able to do work. I could barley get up off the couch and I was in a lot more pain then planned. I did do some work in my process book but not as much as I would have liked. I decided on doing the three different sections in my book to sort of journal about how the stresses I chose effect me in my everyday life. I have a lot of thoughts and ideas in my head that I can finally do because I am feeling better.

Good change

I changed a good amount about my project. Everything is now going to be done digitally which I am very excited for, I think our idea is going to come out very cool! The picture posted is my outside mentor just summarizing what we decided on. I also am changing up how I am writing in my process book. I am making three sections one for each stress and just going to journal in them so I can pull things out at the end for my project but also just to show the different stresses that I’m focusing on and how they are present in my everyday life.


Idea’s flying

I had the idea of making collages but now someone else is also doing that. We practically have the same project, different topics. Its making me feel a little uncomfortable, I also had this idea first. SO I have been thinking a lot about how I can make these collages really interesting and capturing of peoples attention. I have thought about maybe making the collages in different shapes or forms. For example, the stress of “pressure to look good” could be a collage that looks like a pretty women or something like that. For the stress of “technology” I could do the collage in certain colors in the shape of a plant or computer or Iphone. “Pressure to succeeded” is still in the thought process. I don’t want these to be just plain collages I want them to be AWESOME collages. 🙂unnamed