M-Term Day 1&2

In the first two days, I picked up a ancient poem I want, and chosen the style I wanted.

First, I draw all the characters in calligraphy.


Then, I dark the back side.



And transfer them onto the painting.


Then color all the characters.




I went to a cross-stitch store in China during the summer and get different piece of cross-stitch. After I decided which view I am going to do, I choose the one that is more similar with my drawing.IMG_5244 IMG_5245 IMG_5246 IMG_5247

It is is a bag of stuffs I need to do the piece. There is a design in the bag showing the scale of the drawing with cross-stitch and I need to do some changes of the scale to make it as my own.

The very beginning

In this week, I talked with my mentor about my senior project during advisory. My project is a piece of cross-stitch, which is going to be a view of my hometown. First, I am going to draw a picture. It is because my tools has not been arrived yet, so I cannot really something. I think it gonna be arrive soon so that I can start as soon as possible.