Kris Weekly Progress Report Week 9

From November 10 to November 14, I asked the error appeared in my programming and fixed it. However, we still have severely problem to improve with the programming such as how to make different pitches come up at the same when if we have more than one person walk on the stairway. Also on Wednesday, Urban and I decided the type of light and wires, and I ordered them already. Next week we can begin to set up and test the light. On Friday I finished the measurement for the three different staircases in senior building and looked for the carpet as the “out coat” of the piano. My next step is set up the midi shield and learned the programming of it.

Kris Weekly Progress Report Week 8

From November 3 to November 7, I met with Anna and Urban, and we finished the primary  programming. I edited the programming for each sensor and got an bigger Arduino and breadboard. So I need to begin to set up wires, sensors and spearker. This week I learned a lot about the programming since I understood nothing about it. Urban and I looking for the light for each sensor and we gonna decided next week.

Kris Weekly Progress Report Week 7

This week I compared the tone melody, circuit 6 and light music code which edited by Urban based on the tone melody and circuit 6. During the process I almost understand the changing of the programming and the main part to update my system. However, I still have some problems about the programming need to ask. And my next step is to set up the music instrument shield and decided the location where I am going to set the whole system.

Kris Weekly Progress Report Week 6

I am still learning the set up of the Arduino and whiteboard and compare the programming. I emailed school to ask the position of the stairway and the midi piano. I am waiting for the reply now, it is very important for me because if I can’t get the midi piano, I am going to change my project. My next step is continuing testing the photocells and star to look for the midi shield.


Kris Weekly Progress Report Week 5


This week I met with my mentor and Urban, we tested the photocell and changed the plan a little bit. We decided to use a midi piano to make the sounds instead of the Raspberry Pi with the programming. We can use the musical instrument shield to connect the midi piano and make the noise like a performance.

Photo on 10-14-14 at 4.48 PM #2

(We are using LED light to test the photocell.)

Kris Weekly Progress Report Week 3

This week I finished the part of connection between resistance, Arduino and Raspberry Pi. One Arduino that I brought can only use for six stairs, so I think I am gonna get another Arduino and Raspberry Pi. My next step is update the programming into the Raspberry Pi and test the whole system. If the examination is successful, it will be a giant step for my project.


(The basis ideal of the connection between one photocell and one resistance. )


(The connection between six resistances, Arduino and Raspberry Pi.)


Kris Weekly Progress Report Week 1

This week I met with my mentor Anna Strong and we discussed the work I need to do in the next few days. We got the ideal about Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi from a website ( I decided to learn the working principle of those stuffs. I might use them for my project. And this week I started my project journal.