finally, i almost finished with my senior project. which i have some little problem that i need to fix. but i think i will be finishing those in short amount of time. for doing this project, i have gain so many thing that i wouldn’t expect. i used to thought it will just be simple painting project, which later i figure out that nothing is really easy. for now, i don’t thing this project really goes the way that i want it to be. which in another word this product is not really satisfied in my vision. i wish it can be better and add some many other thing just to make it as good as possible. however, time is such a luxury that i can’t afford. for now, i think the project in front of me is the best thing that i can present to the viewers. i can’t imagine that i will have such a product in front of me today. in a good way and bad way.

for the work that i have done, the painting part is the most painful part which i said it lots of time before. i also enjoy the painting part when i think it back. really really happy right now. have no word really to say.

Cavalry VS Infantry

The fight between cavalry and infantry is always the big theme in the warfare. Sometimes, cavalry is extremely fatal to the infantry. Sometime, it is the opposite. It is really depend so many reasons that I will explain the tactic that using by the cavalry to fight against the infantry or the infantry way to fight against the cavalry.

In most of the ancient warfare, cavalry is the most deadly soldier on the battlefield. Just like the Mongols, the biggest component of their army is infantry. They really cause some crushing defeat for the army all around the world, by just using cavalry. Also the heavy cavalry develop in all over the world at that time which made the cavalry the most deadly soldiers on the field. The infantry is also find a way to defenses themselves against the cavalry.

During the English French hundreds years war, the English long bow is win the battle at first, because the low bow can easily precise the chain mail. They will also set up defensive fortification before the battle start in order to protect the bow man, especially the wood stock, perfect against the cavalry. Also the heavy cavalry become easy target that hunt by the English bowman. However, later on the plate armor came out which can really defense that knight against the arrows. Also the will strike first rather than the waiting for the enemies to set up army. Then the cavalry overturn the battlefield, and finally French chase the English out their territory. Once again, the cavalry have won the balance again.

Later on, the infantry develop new way to fight against the cavalry. Which is also a way to fight the infantry at that time as well. Which they will use a mix of pike men and matchlock gunners. When the gunner will shoot the enemies first and then they will hide behind the protection of pike. Which is consider the most effective way to fight on the field, because the pike can really stop the cavalry charging and can also fight the infantry unit as well. However, the cavalry can still broke line of the infantry as well. Somehow it is because the weight and speed, even after they strike down by the pike but they still broke some weak point of the pike man and create space for the cavalry behind them and still can broke line of the infantry and chase them to death.

During the Napoleonic war period, the roles of cavalry have decrease a lot. They are appearing to be less fatal to the infantry and sometime; the infantry is more fatal to the cavalry. At that time, the infantry have gun with bayonet that make them shoot and fight at the same time. So it is really difficult for cavalry to cause serious damage to the infantry. They have to find perfect chance and time to break the line and the moral of infantry. Otherwise it will bring death upon you. Another way to do this is driving large amount of cavalry out at the same time so that the big number will overwhelm the infantry hopefully will brought glory victory. However, the cavalry become weaker is the truth, but it is still useful because the speed of horse is much faster than other any kind of soldiers.

The equipment of infantry in Napoleonic war

The soldiers’ equipment is always changing due to the best use of the war. In the previous warfare, the soldiers don’t have to carry lots of stuff when they get to the battlefield, because the armor is the most important thing for them to carry. However, the situation have changed during the Napoleonic War, the soldiers will carry their personal supply and weapon to the field, because they have cut the armor from the list. They will carry their blanket and so water bottle to the field as well; they will carry some of the stuff. They would carry the backpack, which is really different from the old time. For the old time, the only thing that they have is armor, but at this time, the armor is not really helpful in some way it is really deadly, because it will slow down the speed a lot, which will cause more taking more fire on down the enemies. So it will cause even more losses to the army. So they cut the armor in exchange of speed, because the faster they can engage the enemies, the more damage they can deal to the enemies. So they will only wear fancy designed clothing without any protection.

The uniform that the soldiers have are really fancy and well designed. It is really obvious which is opposite from the modern warfare. In the modern time, you want to hide yourself as much as possible. However, the situation is different at that time. In the old way of fighting, the morale is a really important decisive key of victory. Morale of soldiers is so important that can affect the outcome of the war. For example, in the battle of Battle of Issus the Alexander the great force the Persian king retreat on the battlefield, which cause the low morale of whole Persian army. The leader figure is related to the morale, the morale is related to the victory of battlefield. So the Persian lost that battle mostly because of the loss the commander cause the loss of morale that lead to defeat. So the belief of the uniform design in Napoleonic wartime is that the beautiful design and bright color will bring high morale and suppress the enemies’ morale at the same time. We believe we are still using this strategy in the design of the sports uniform.

The most important thing that soldiers need is weapon, which they will carry flintlock smoothbore gun and bayonet.

The gun have many problems, it is the accuracy and reload time. The accuracy of the gun is really unstable, it barely hit target when it is at really far distance. Even when it is close, people still have chance to miss it. One of the reasons that are cause by the smoothbore, which is bore is smooth that have no line in it. The problem cause by the smoothbore is it will lose kinect energy very fast, which is cause by the gravity and other reason. It can be solve by rifling, the spinning of bullet will help the bullet hit the target better, they have it at that time, but it is really difficult to develop in a every large number. Also the shape of the bullet is also a problem as well, the most easy way is to make it as a circle. However, the circle has the least chance to hit the target. Another problem about using the flintlock gun is the problem of the reload time. Gunner takes lots of time to reload even when they are in training, which the faster can be 4 rounds in a minutes for the skillful gunner, but for the unskillful gunner the situation can be worse. It will even take him more than one minutes to reload one bullet. The situation for the gunners can be changed on the field. They will become nervous and effect by the environment, which directly lead to slow down the reload speed. It will bring great advantage for the cavalry if the gunner didn’t cause enough damage, then the cavalry can easily break the line of the infantry. So the cavalry become really fatal to the infantry.

The flintlock smoothbore gun also has many other great advantages that the previous weapons don’t have. The gun used in Napoleonic war was a perfect combination of melee and missile weapon. The soldiers at that time every one of them will carry bayonet, which is a knife that can be install to the gun, and can make the gun become the spear use and it can shoot people from every far distance. In the previous time, which is cannot be accomplished at the same time. In the old time, the pike man will only carry the pike, and the gunner will only carry the gun, the gunner have to fight under the protection of the pike man. Now they have shooter pikes and better gun put together that can make the soldiers move available to war. To operate the gun, it doesn’t really require any sort of skill or experience to do so, but it is different for the archer, the archer need lots of time to training in order to become an archer that can hit the target. The crossbow, which is also a really powerful weapon which somehow can shot further and have more precision power than the flintlock gun does, but the crossbow is that so easy to make. The gun is much easier to deploy in a great number.

The biggest benefit that brought by the gun is the destruction on the moral. The sound that create by the gun is never seen in the war that before. Sound is a really magic thing that can affect our brain as well as the visual does. This gun can create shocking exploding sound that none of the previous has. The gun can kill people and shake the enemies moral in far distance. When one gun fire the sound is not striking enough, but when a line of soldier fire, it will have great effect on enemies moral. Bayonet can be used as charging the enemies, but they don’t always do that, most of the result of charging is retreat before they reach the enemies, because the casualties and sound have destroy the moral before they can even touch them. The role of melee has decrease a lot for the infantry. Also the fire and smoke at create when they fire the firearm is also a shock for the horse and the enemies as well. The visual and sound effects that create by the gun is never seen in the history of human warfare.

So the gun can brought casualty and moral strike at the same time, also missile attack and melee defenses that the swords can’t do and the bows can’t do. We also can see the pre model of how a modern soldier is going to be in the future and basically no significant change even today’s soldiers as well but with more equipment than before.

weekly report

this week i have doing the same thing again. i have start the building of the base. the British soldier are really pain to paint. they have very large amount, i have to do it over and over again. however, the starting part is really difficult, which will become easier later on, and more interesting, by adding more color on that figure, you will see the figure become alive.

also i really need more time on writing the research that i need to done. so i will keep on with the writing. and hopefully, everything will goes right.

so many thing that i want to do. so many questions, so little time.

weekly report

i have doing the same stuff over and over again. painting the figure for so many time.i have hear so many people say it is an easy and joyful project. they wish they can do this one, a easy and joyful project. however, i have to say this, this project is not easy and it is not really joyful as they think. you might think it is really easy to just color the figure, the truth is different. it is really difficult to paint really small stuff. you have to be really careful, because you really don’t want to mess up the other part. it is really difficult to make the detail part, because it is really tint part and really hard to paint, but those detail make figures beautiful and make they alive.

anyway, i’m working on it, and i making many progress on timing and skill. and recently i have a beautiful set of cavalry units on my desk. i have start to writing stuff about the war as well, and i think i will start to making the base as well in the future. hopefully everything will go well as i think.

Cavalry In Warfare

cavalry have really important role on the battlefield before the start of WWI. it have been an important role since the really beginning of the human warfare history. as time goes by, through the advance of the technology, the cavalry importance have become less important over time. the role of cavalry have keep changing in order to fit the best usage.

there are many different kinds of cavalry in the big domain of cavalry. different cavalry serve different kinds of jobs in order to perform the best. there are two big domain in cavalry it is light cavalry and heavy cavalry. it is really easy to distinguish them, just by looking at the weight they are carrying. just like the name, the light cavalry only carry light easy equipment when the heavy cavalry is load with stuff.

the light cavalry first emerge in the warfare history. the history can be trace into the Assyrian empire. they start to using horse to transport their solider. remember, it is transport the infantry instead of become a real cavalry. because the lack of strip, riding is extremely difficult. despite charging mission the people on the cavalry can’t even make some difficult move on the horse back, when they charge they mostly fall off the horse. so after the invent of the strip, the role of cavalry have changed significantly. now they are able to do many thing on the horse back, they can charging the infantry without fall off the back, they now have the support point so they can swing the sword and chop the enemies, they also can short arrows on the back as well. the light cavalry main job is not to fight in the front but to use their ability to move fast, they can launch a sudden strike or do some spying work. when the human technology about the smelting is getting batter, they heavy cavalry start to emerge.

after the human know how to smelt iron, it become really common and useful in the warfare. it stronger for the armor and sharper for sword. so the early have cavalry emerge. in the persian they put chain mail on the horse and soldier will wear the chain mail as well. however, the protection from mail chain is really limit. at this time the break of technology in renaissance time in Italy will bring better advantage to the warfare. when the human smelting ability were better, now the plain armor will take place in the history. it is really effective against all kinds of attack. heavy cavalry can make strong charge on the enemies line, it can open a weak spot on the line of the enemies  and can destroy their line. it is really effective against many infantry.

however, the technology against the heavy cavalry also advance as well. the halberd the firearm, the crossbow all of these are the reason that cause the decline of the heavy cavalry and importance of cavalry. when the time of the napoleonic war, the cavalry are no longer the big brother but the last strike of the victory in battle.

weekly report

i think the rubric is really hard to write about, i mean if the product look good, the grade will go up, the product look bad it will go down. i think it is just simple stuff just like that. boo.

still keep pianting is the main work that i have done for the past week, i think i probably need to cut the size of the field because i think i’m running out of time. anyway will keep working on it. i will start to post all the research about the war in recent, hopefully. and i have a set of cavary is coming out and some prussian flagman as well. need time need passion need many thing to work.

working working working, really want to go escaping for while.

weekly report

keep painting, keep painting, keep painting, one by one, part by part, never stop. that’s basically the main thing that i have done for my project. painting time is really painful, have to seat a palace for so long, and focus on one thing. i kind understand how people felt in the waterline factory. however, when i look at the product that i made, i feel so much exciting.  i really time to do all kinds of stuff, i wish we i wok the time just slowdown, then i can work long. i will keep working on it, not much thing to discuss, but maybe i should start working on doing the research about the warfare at that time. may God bless me.

worth it or not

since i have start to doing this, i have spend lots of time doing. one question that concern me a lot is, ” is it worthy to spend so much on this?'” my parents doubt me, my friends doubt me, even now i start question myself. i can use this time to study to do school work, to prepare for my colleague application. maybe i can get into a better colleague because i spend less time in this, but i can’t. i just don’t want to, i think i’m kind escape what i suppose to do by doing another thing that i think it is right, but what is the right way, what is the right thing, i don’t know, you don’t know. Only the God know. i hope the divine be with me, as i walk on the joinery named “life”. as i grow older, i find the life is filled with confusion and illusion, i can’t still remember when i was young i can clearly think about the picture that i want to live. now, i can’t do it. i don’t even know what is the next day going to be look like for me. people always question the decision that they make, but i think all those decision make to be a sense, when i look back, all the decision that make sense, but there still a few shame that i want to change. but i make who i am today.

weekly report

this week, i have been keep coloring and coloring. i think i’m still far away form the imaginary picture that u want to create. but i’m keep working on it. i paint a set of french grenadiers. some cavalry now have boots. but i have one problem which is kind of impossible to solve, the solider that i use which different set of them have different size. so some of them kind fat, and some are kind of skinny, especially the horse, the size really different, some are way to strong, some are way to skinny. i really don’t know what it is gonna look like when i put them together. one thing that i also think about is the set up of the battlefield. i really don’t want to set up the way that it really happened. i really want to put the french british and prussian into one field. so i don’t care about other’s opinion. so i decide to put them into one field. anyway, it is my project, i do whatever i want to create the picture that i want. it is kind fighting between the idea and reality. even in the history the prussian and the British they never met, but they meet on my field. 913301355 372477377

when i have decide

when i have decide the topic. then i decide to go to more about the detail. so i think about doing a big size sense about the battle. which later i decide to use the 1;72 scales soldiers. first, i purchase many tools in order to make the sharpest model. i also bought many paints too. then i bought some 1;72 scales solider to practice my skill towards the master. so i bought the a set of Italeri teutonic knights to practice. below is the cover. the reason that i choose this one is because i think they are mostly cover in white. so it is easier to paint this one than start to the Napoleonic solider which their uniform is really fancy. when i start it. i find doing this thing is a really annoying boring thing to do. but i think the only reason that drive me to do this is the passion that i really want to witness they exist in the world. to become the person who witness it really happened. i think it is the same reason that people go to see the museum is to become the person when witness it.


My idea In the beginning.

my title i want call it is “fallen of the empire”.

in the napoleon time, all he want to do is to create a great french empire, he force the austrian empire to resign his name as the emperor of holy roman empire, then he can taking over, because i think the heritage of the roman empire are the only “legal” empire of Europe. after napoleon’s failure, his empire has gone.

in the WWI, it is also the time of battle between empire, the german empire, the russian empire and the Austria empire. after the war, they all gone.

the last one i’m not sure, is the fallen of ussr, i can call it empire, but it’s fallen marked the end of the time, which is kinda cool, so, i have that in my list.


the first one is the battle of waterloo. some picture i will upload, of course i will put those in my project.

french grenadier.

french cuirassier.

french old guard.

if it is wwi the uniform stuff is much easier, because they are all close to functionalist.

later on. I changed my idea which i pick only one topic which it is the battle of the waterloo. i will create the waterloo diorama.