9th week

I have started my last one which is the Caucasian, but when I show it to my mentor we found that it looks more likely to be Asian. So I fixed the eye part to make it more round and make the nose more coming out from the face. I planning to fire the second one and third one this week, but since the oven in lower school is broken. Fortunately, Brianna helped me asked the teacher in lower school who have the oven that I could be able to fire my masks there. I am sending them to lower school this Friday.

7th week

Last week, I did a lot of sketches of the last one which is the mix, I was confuse because I don’t know how can I make it look like the mix. I tried to put Asian’s nose, African’s eyes and Caucasian’s mouth, however, it doesn’t fit too well. so I decide give up on sketch them, I am planning just go with clay see how it went and make changes while I am making the face.

6th week

This week I finished my second mask which is the african one. However, it cracked when I leave it to dry. I was really nervous because I had spent almost two week on this one and I don’t think I could make a better one. I have spoke to my mentor, we decide to maintain this cracked mask instead of making a new one. I am staring my third one this week, hopefully get it done by the end of week.


Over the weekend, I finished all the sketches based on different races. I  had set  up the clay materials and models also. I am going to start work on my second mask by working with clay this week. However, my mentor and I found out that the sketch of boy (my second mask) did not show the African American features as much as the women does. We decided to use the first sketch of African American which is the women.


Last week I did lots research of Africans individual facial features such as the shape of eye, nose and lips. I also did some sketches on both African child and woman. My mentor and I deiced to make a mask of an African young boy as my second mask instead of having an other woman mask. In addition, we both found out the facial expression is different between the African young boy and Asian woman. The young boy is more likely to show the happiness and naïve from his countenance; the Asian woman that I made is more serious and mature by those fancy make up. From my mentor’s suggestion of choosing the space for my exhibition which having my masks hang on the wall at the outside of Senior lecture end hall , this inspired me with an idea that to have some broken masks lay down under my products to imply more of the idea of combination and reassemble of the nation.


This week I went though my process folio with my mentor Dr. Lichtenstein, did more drawing of my second mask and did research of individual features of african people’s face such as eye, mouth, nose and face shapes. To compare the difference between each nation and culture and how did they related. My mentor also shared an interesting idea that I could did some research on plastic surgery to imply the idea that how does people’s appreciate of beauty changed and became global.

Your Process Blog

Basically, I did some research on my project and drew some sketches of the model that I am planning to make for next week, and filled my process profile.  I had meet with my mentor last week and also today. We had set up a schedule of the time that we meet for each week and I decided to do more sketches of the model this week. Hopefully, I can show her my sketches on Thursday and get ready to work on my second model next week or during the weekend.