Week 12/8

I cut some giant stumps this weekend at the shelter island dump with Alexis and am really excited to have them. I have been waiting to get some large ones for awhile and finally have them. I am proud that I was able to cut them myself too. Other than that I finished some more final prints too.


Week 11/17

The most time consuming and significant part of this week was learning that you can not cut the part of the stump where the roots are attached. Like last week I had a new Giant stump where the roots are and After spending a lot of time getting the dirt out I spent hours and hours trying to cut through it but it was so dense that I couldn’t. I destroyed 4 chainsaw blades very fast on it and still made it nowhere and then used a huge double sided hand saw with my dad for awhile before giving up. Its to bad because I was very excited and was expecting it to look amazing but that part of the tree is just to dense to use and isn’t possible to work with.

Week 11/ 10

I finally picked up this huge stump from one of my dads job sights that I have wanted for awhile and attempted to cut it in half. This stump was the very bottom where it connects to the roots so it was full of dirt and I had to power wash it first. That was a mess but I eventually was able to cut it in half which was more difficult then I thought. I have not gotten to print it yet but I did fully prepare it to be.

Week of 10/27

I am finally getting back into my senior project again and it is such a relief. I cut into the stump I collected last weekend to see what it would look like and learned that with the roots attached there are many angles I can cut from to get a variety of designs from the same piece. Because there is no exact way of doing wood prints there is a lot of experimenting with the process to be done and it is really a self learning process. I luckily was able to collect a bunch of smaller pieces awhile back that have been in my garage and have used these for testing. I learned more about what you can and cannot do and also some new techniques. After the testing I was finally able to prep a large piece of wood for printing that I will hopefully be finishing today, being one of my final pieces.

Week of 10/20

This week I have been trying to finish my makeup work so I could get back to my senior project. I finally got a chance to look for some pieces of wood that I could use this weekend. I went to cedar point because I really like the grain cedar trees have and found a really interesting stump with its roots attached. Hopefully it will be worth the time not spent on makeup work.

Slow Progress

Coming back from missing three weeks of school has really put a burden on my project. I did not have time to work on it while I was away along with the rest of my work so I need to prioritize. My mentor, Alexis and I have discussed the situation and both feel that out of everything I need to do, senior project is the least of my worries. I will continue working on catching up and will hopefully be completely involved in my woodcuts before thanksgiving rolls around. Overall I still feel confident in being able to create a product I like by the end of senior project.