Senior project week 6

I was working on my second garment this week. It is a long red dresses that inspired by little red riding hood. When I was sewing this garment, I was struggle a lot. At first, I was mess up the pattern of this dresses, thats mean I need to redo again. Second, I found the sewing machine don’t have zipper foot, then I have to hand sew it.

senior project week 5

This week I met with mentor on wednesday and set up my goal for this week. I was 85% finish for my first garment and working on the second one. Sometime, I was struggle a lot about drawing pattern. This weekend, I went to the city to brought fabric. Even I am behind my schedule right now, but I am still confident that I can finish it on time.

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senior project week3

I met with my mentor this week. This week I was working on drawing pattern for this first outfit and start tracing on the fabric. I was also getting measurement from my model. It was fun to doing sth that I like. The first outfit probably will came out later this week.


Senior Project week2

I met with my mentor on wednesday this week and discuss what should be done for this week and setting the timeline for creation. I still watching Project Runway to get more information about fashion design and the process. On this saturday, I went to the mood fabric, the most well known fabric store in the city, I think I almost lost myself in the store because there are all kind of fabric around me. Choosing fabric is really fun:D at the same time…Tired..:(