13th week of senior project

This is 13th week of senior project. Time is so fast, it’s almost end… Finally, i come back to school, and i can pick up my wood this week and finish my glass house this week. I am going to spray the silver color on the wood, and glue the wood together into a bottom under the glass house. And the last step is put the decorations in it , and close the glass house. so i can finish it.  So excited and nervous!!!!!!

11th week of senior project

This is 11th week of my senior project, for this week, i measured the glass house’s size, i am going to buy wood for the glass house’s bottom. I found a store called riverhead building supply that can pick wood in East Hampton town. And i also bought some silver color spray for wood, so that the house’s bottom can be silver, because it can be more light and good looking.

Ninth week of senior project

This is ninth week of my senior project, i found that the glue i used before was not work very well, so i changed a type of gule,  now the glass house is more stable. I also clean the glass, beccause before it was a little messy. I almost finish the glass house, i decided to build a bottom for glass house and put some light bulb in it, and then the house will be very light. I will also buy some color plexi glass to make a new house.

Sixth Week Of Senior Project

For sixth week of my senior project. I decided go to Otto, but no one can drive me there, because the school doesn’t have transportations to there. So i bought the plexi glass online and it is one the way , they can be delivery to school next week. I also use paper to make a paper house for practice.