Week 7

I started working on my sculpture, with use of cardboard  knife (x-acto knife) I managed to finish my sculptures’ legs and tail. I have made a scale which helping me to create my sculpture (1:19.2 – length, 1:8 – width). I am hopping to finish the sculptures’ body on a weekends.

Week 6

After several problems with my materials I have found an alternative way to create my art piece. I decided to use a cardboard to fold it and make a shape of my sculpture out of it. I have talked to my mentor and we agreed to use the cardboard. However, before I started doing my sculpture, I needed to get all my measurements and drawings order to understand how I will fold it and create my art piece.  I have used a small model of a wolf and I have took three photos from different points of view. I created three drawings in which I have measured every part of the body.

IMG_9746 IMG_4197

Week 5

I contacted with my parents to asked for the financial support, after three days I received the money. So I was finally abele to afford my materials. However, I had problems with the transportation to get to the company,which is located in the River Head and it is far from the school. I found a website on the internet buyfoam.com, but the materials were never ordered because of my Kazakh credit card and my Bank they could not proceed the request. Overall I had a lot of problems with arranging my transportation and with my Kazakh credit card.

Week 4

I contacted the company which is selling the Floating Foam. My mentor Ned Smyth gave me contact number and the prices for the foam were $111.39 for a block which is 7x10x8, $127.39 for a block which is 7x20x9, and $168.25 for a block which is 10x20x8.
I had problems with finances because of that I could not order my materials.

Week 3

I was trying to find more information about my materials that I will use such as foam, also researching the way how I can use it and cut it. Eventually I found special tools such as “Hot Wire” and “Hot Knife”. However those tools are too expensive to afford, so I found an alternative solution, so I asked Mr.Mulhern if I can use his saws.

1. Foam Hot Knife
2. Foam Hot Wire

hot-knife images

Week 2

During the first week I was trying to find my inspiration, however I felt that I was missing something, so I decided to research farther about my topic and theme. Eventually I discovered a unique art installation created by Christopher Jobson which is called “Mirrored Forest Installation” which is relevant to my project. I have been talking to my mentor about materials that I might use to create my art piece, so we’ve decided to choose foam as my material for the sculptures.

 “Mirrored Forest Installation” by Christopher Jobson


Week 1

Since the school year started, I was trying to find an inspiration. I was looking at different art works, and artists such as Arran Gregory and his Geometric Animals, which is almost the same as Ben Fosters’ work.

1. Ben Fosters

2. Arran Gregory