Before winter break I felt very behind everyone else. So many people had already finished their projects and I was just putting all my pieces together. So in order to get my project done on time I had to work all winter break. On day 1 of winter break my tutor and I created a schedule of what we were going to get accomplished each day.

It was blocked out like this:

Plan for Senior Project over Winter Break

Already finished – Sasha

December 20th – Penelope

December 21st – Lila

December 22nd – Pastor Fraser

December 23rd – Victoria

December 24th – Jonathan

December 26th – Jim

December 27th – 28th = finish any lectures I had difficulty with

December 29th – formatting and editing (edit a chapter a day)

  • Work on introduction – use edited college essay

December 30th – work on chapter 1

December 31st – chapter 2

January 1st – chapter 3

January 2nd – chapter 4

January 3rd – chapter 5

January 4th – chapter 6

January 5th – chapter 7

January 6th – final edits and conclusion (needs to be sent out)

Every day of winter break except for the actual holidays was used to work on my project. My plan was to complete a chapter reflection a day and then after all those were done put each chapter into a book format. It was very difficult staying on track but somehow I was able to do it. I knew that if I didn’t maxiamize my time I wouldn’t have my project done by the January 14th due date.

Once the book was put together in the format I wanted I began editing. This took longer than I expected because me being the perfectionist I am I wanted to find every mistake. By January 5th I was almost done with my edits and had to put them into the document. I stayed up late creating my finished product on order to have it ready for the next day, so I could send it out to be bound.

All my work is now done and I am now waiting to get the bound book back. I hope it comes out good because I only have one chance. I’ve put my heart and soul into this project and I want it to be like I imagine it in my head. I’m just happy that everything is done.

Next I need to prepare for reading night and my presentation. Mr. Aldredge and I will be focusing on that the next 2 weeks. I’m nervous. I always get very jittery presenting by myself and in order to feel somewhat comfortable when I present I will need to work very hard on my presentation and become comfortable talking about a difficult subject that is dear to my heart.



Talked to Ms. Scott this morning. Found out that the final product is due on January 14th. I’ve got a lot to do until then. I’ve decided to include parts of my M-term paper and Modernity project into my project. I want the reader to understand Alcoholics Anonymous as a whole and I think that I explained AA quite well in these two projects.


Starting to write my introductions to each interview. I’m really happy because I have all my notes and now it will be easy to write the introductions.

I’m a little worried though… Do I have enough time to get this all done and hopefully get the book bound? I’m not sure. I have emailed Ms. Scott and asked her what the product due date is. I am waiting for her response. I hope I have enough time until the due date to make the book that I have set out to create.

Wish me luck!

November 19th

I’m almost done with my notes on the interviews and have begun to write up my interpretations for each interview. I have a lot to do this Thanksgiving break and I hope to get a lot done regrading my senior project. I’m excited because I’ve gotten past the note taking and analyzing of my project and am now ready to start writing!

October 28th – Update

I have finished annotating all of my interviews and am now writing my interpretations of each interview. Each interview is between 4 and 10 pages long so this will be taking up much of my time during the next few weeks. Mr. Aldredge and I decided that these interpretations will go before each interview in my book. I will be writing up the interviewees dialogue as well because I would like to show how each interviewee talks about his or her experiences.

Mentee Progress Report – October 8th

I feel right on track with my senior project. I have collected all of my interviews and have come up with a plan for my project. I have changed my overall project from an audio documentary to a book. I feel that I will be able to express what I have learned during my project through a book more clearly than I would have through a documentary. The book will be split up into chapters with each chapter representing one interview. In each chapter I will summarize the alcoholic’s story and reflect on what I have learned from this person’s story. Right now I am changing each interview from audio to text and then I plan to summarize the text and explain what I have learned. I need to transcribe the interview soon so that I can start the book. By doing this I will be able to finish my product on time. I am also researching a book called “Learning Disabilities & Life Stories” which I feel offers a template for my book. It is not on the same subject area but follows the skeleton that I would like to use for my book.

Questions for Ms. Scott – September 29th

  • How do I use the blog as my Process Portfolio?
  • Where do I put my everyday things?
  • Does everything need to be edited?
  • What do I do with all this stuff? I don’t want everyone to read it.
  • What’s the difference between a post and a page?
  • Can I make individual pages online for each day, interview, etc?
  • Will you and Mr. Aldredge be checking my Process Portfolio for errors or is it just a way of documenting what I’ve done?

September 29th

Today I met with Mr. Aldredge and we decided to change my project from an audio documentary to a book. I feel a lot more confident in my project because it suits me better than the other idea. I have no experience in making a documentary but I do have experience in writing.

Mr. Aldredge wants me to go through my interview tonight and decide which story will be my first chapter. Once I decide, I need to transcribe the interview and then turn it into story form.

To Do List:

  • Update Proposal Form – change project piece
  • Create a calendar with due dates
  • Schedule meetings with Mr. Aldredge on Wednesdays 6th period each week


Ideas – September 22nd

1) My mom thinks I should ask Ms. Gillespie’s husband and Ms. Liens’s husband to be part of my project. I don’t know if I should. Jesse said that asking Ms. Gillespie’s husband would make things weird between us because I would be learning about her personal life. Maybe she’s right but maybe I should ask Ms. Gillespie about her experiences with alcohol and having a loved one with the addiction. Jesse says that asking Ms. Liens would be okay. I would just have to be very professional with her. I mean she offered.

2) I’m thinking about asking the loved ones of alcoholics. Getting the perspective from al-non people. But maybe I’ll be stretching myself to far. I need to talk to Jesse about this.


I’m feeling nervous about my project now. What if I can’t get it done in time or the way I want it. I’m really scared. I’ve never done a project like this before. A project where I’m in charge and have to plan on my own.

September 18th

The thing that I’ve been having the most trouble with is the counselor part of this project. I really want to learn about the medical side of alcoholism and addictions however the two people that said they would help me with this have been totally AWOL. I didn’t want to just have these interviews for my project but I also wanted them for myself. I need to know how alcoholism works and I need these people to tell me. The doctor at the Dunes in Easthampton hasn’t been answering me back and Dr. Lis is very busy after school. She can only meet with me in the morning but other than that she doesn’t have any other times. She knows so much about teen addictions. I’m going to try and get permission from Ms. Scott to go off campus during my two Senior Project periods on Wednesdays. We’ll see. I’m going ask Ms. Scott tomorrow and see if I can meet with Dr. Lis off campus next Wednesday. The other doctor I’m going to try and get ahold of by going to the Dunes and making an appointment. I may do this with my mom on Monday.


Reschedule – September 17th

So I was supposed to meet with SC last Friday on the 12th however, this did not happen. I’ve been trying to meet with her since august and our appointments always seem to fall through. Last time in early September she couldn’t meet because her fiancé couldn’t come with her. This time she couldn’t meet because her ex husband couldn’t take their boy. It just seems weird to me like she’s avoiding the interview. This project was her idea and I really want to interview her because of that. I don’t know maybe I should give up on us every figuring this out. But that’s not what I want to happen. I’m going to try and meet with her this Sunday the 21st. I’m praying that it works out. Wish me luck.