Your Process Blog

September 22

I talk with Jon and we agree that I need to finish the information collect before 9/28, and I’ll start the art part in my senior project, I have my main two topic information already, so the rest of the small topic will be easy to finish, after I finish the information collect, I should start to think some idea for my presenting project. I believe I will finish the info collect this week.

September 29

Jon and I had discuss about the project direction, and we conclude that I’ll have maybe two to three big sculpture project and other will be mixed media art or just simply drawing and painting. I need to decide how big the project is going to be, and the material I’m going to use.

October 6

I have finish most of my research, and now I’m going to start my produce, I need to find the right style to draw and paint my art work.

October 13

I started my first painting, it is the painting about Stem Cell, and I’m also preparing for the second and third product, I went to the art supply store during weekend and get the paper and other supply, I’ll will started to decide what idea I’ll do for my next few project. I’m also thinking to use several different material for the product, too.

October 20

I finish 60% on my first art work, the only thing I need to do is to stick other four pieces on it, and my second art work in coming in form now, though, I still need to improve some skill on the second piece, but the general result is pretty good. I’m probably starting my third piece this week or next week

October 27

I finish my first and nearly done for my second piece of work, and I’m gathering the stuff for my third project.

November 3

I went to the art supply store to the material for my other project. I got three brushes, watercolor paint, and papers. I have finish my second project, and I’m starting the third and forth project, also, I started to build the sculpture.

November 10

I’m half way finishing the sculpture, and my painting of eye is also halfway finishing, too.

November 17

I finish the sculpture of brain and I started to smooth it, because there are too many rough edge, and I’m two third finishing my painting of eye, the last thing that I need to do is to make the small 3D model of the eye ball.

November 24

I’m started to paint the sculpture and I probably will before next week, I’m starting my forth painting, but I think I’m a little confuse about what to do with it, I’ll use this week to figure out what to do with it.

December 1

It is the first school day after the break, but I’m back along with some new idea that I can’t wait to tried on my project.

December 8

I have meet with Ms. Borsack to finish some of the research that I have problem with, and it really helps a lot.

December 15

I Finish my first brain sculpture, and I have also finish the coloring of the sculpture, I’m ready to start the second one that will be relate to my other topic.

December 22

I bring my senior project material with me back to Taiwan, It will be easier for me to find some material here, and also I begin to start another painting which is relate to the reaction of the parasite.

December 29

I finish the painting of the parasite, now I just need to add the information that I found into it, and this week I’m going to find the material that will be useful for my project.

January 5

Today I’m heading back to School, but I found a lot of useful material and I have done so much work of my senior project, I can’t wait to go back and start to finish my senior project.

January 12

I started my new painting and I finish the second sculpture and color it, I need to finish my project as soon as possible to pass the final.