Early Inspiration: April – May 2014

April 28. Junior year is finally winding down, I’m almost done with ACT’s. Time to start thinking about the one and only Senior Project.

Ever since my sister Julia presented her Senior Project in 2008, I’ve been thinking about what I want to do. Six years later, I’m stumped.

May comes around. I’m swaying towards music. I’ve been playing the piano for a few years now… for my Junior Year Media Project I made music using a Gameboy… what if I made some kind of experimental Gameboy orchestra? Set up a bunch of Gameboys to play different parts to an orchestral piece I’d write? Interesting, but very tedious.. so not THAT interesting.

I’ve made some electronic music on my computer before, so what if I composed some music with some limited set of tools? A Microkorg synthesizer and a Talkbox? Getting there…

I want to make something interactive.. something people can play with to make music. Improvising on the piano is so much fun, but learning how to play was hard.. what if I could give people the chance to make music without a learning curve?

NOW I’ve got something to work with.. kind of.