Name and a Stand: Late September 2014

I’ve decided on a name: melomuse.

“melo” = melody, mellow
“muse” = music, creative inspiration

Well.. it works! I like the vibe of it too. Rolls smoothly off the tongue. Melomuse.

I’ve been working on designing and building a stand for the Matrix to sit on. It’s gotta be welcoming and simple, but also fit the electronics and speaker inside. For the speaker, I’m using a UE Boom. It’s an awesomely powerful little speaker and, best of all, it plays sound in all directions, 360˚. Perfect!

The stand will sit in the center of a room (one of the Senior Building classrooms, I’m hoping) so the Matrix can be interacted with from all sides. I’ve been seeing how I can integrate the Octolively panels I talked about in a previous post. We’ll see!

Pictures coming soon 😀