Standoffs and Whatnot- Early October 2014

This week I continued work on the Melomuse stand. Here’s a mockup I made for scale:

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 9.55.27 PM

You can see the Sound Matrix on top. The bottom two feet of the column are solid white acrylic; the top foot is frosted semi-transparent acrylic. The lights on the side are shining through the frosted acrylic from the inside. They’re on an Octolively panel (remember these? They have lights that respond to nearby movement); one will be on every side.

All of the Melomuse electronics are contained within the stand, including the speaker. So, to let more sound escape, I’ve been experimenting with wood and acrylic standoffs to hold the top cube above the bottom stand. The wood works, but I think clear acrylic will be a more appropriate aesthetic; I’m hoping it makes it look a little like the top cube is floating. We shall see!