Weekly process 10

meet with mentor 3 times

play with several people in boarding house and at school

modification of rules

start to draw on wood (finished board)

blue symbols and red symbols for different player

pill box to contain different types of velcro sticker (facilitate the process of play)


weekly process 10

made two new practice board for the game ( narrowed rivers and hillock to across)

replenish the wooden pieces twice with more durable pigment and varnish ( hard to stain)

made 128 sticky velcro for the play

complete the bot pot

typed and revised all cards instructions into a single addendum

weekly process 9

Painted all the wooden pieces with black and white colors

specialized the second commanders and the Marshall with different head colors

made 3 sets of cards ( modified for several times, mutual conquest…..)

1 set of cards of functions as model card with functions for each player

ready to play

tested the game ( the board is too small, painted a twice big new one)

meeting with mentor raised a important problem, how to disguise soldiers.

purchased sticky velcro for attach symbols

weekly process 7

meeting 1

remembered the importance about contact with mentor

The process and improvement are as important as intellectual exchange

all the design set up and the booklet and all the pieces should be done in two weeks

carefully considered all the factors in the game and put them into different categories

black and white wooden pieces painted with symbols

the meeting with mentor

explained some formation and showed all process made to mentor

get utilized advices that the game can be a board game as well as a card game

weekly process 5

The exploration about relationships of multiple variables

some determining variables are intertwined to influence on the design of formation

modification of the model

wooden cubes for pieces of board game (bought)

designed the symbols for the board game

weekly process 3

continued to study online course about MATLab and its extensions

come up with a new idea of representation about my product—– new board game “GO”

it might be better to show the arrangement and match the historical context (still thinking about it)

drew more adaptions of basic tactical formations/ ancient Greek famous formations

examine the accuracy of data


weekly process 2

new sources found (Ancient Greek and Roman tactical formations) still need to further authenticate

looking for consultant to test archives ( cannot find a person whose expertise on Ancient wars and war arrangement)

write-up finished

have entered data in excel

looked some online course about MATLAB, still need to find a tool to insert for better visible output

ensured variables will be used

look for another date to meet mentor (teachers’ hearing)

Formal proposal

“Using Mathematical Equation to Build Tactical Formation ”

Wenqian Jiang

Skellington Gary / Math



  • I am going to use mathematical equations to build tactical formation. The final product will be presented in two parts: One of them will be a booklet, which includes all settings and conditions with standardized equations and data of 10 famous war tactical formations; the second will be a new tactical formation showed in MATLAB with explanation of certain scenario and conditions.


  • I always spend delightful time reading history and wondering the relationships between those marvelous arrangements during wartime. Since I am interested in mathematics from I first knew it, I want to do a project, which relates to both two fields.


  • The context of the projects is tight to history, specifically war and tactics. War history and accounts of tactical formations will serves as main source of my project, and I will provide analytical explanations for all selected examples. All the details and settings will be used in the research of regulations and standardization of different conditions.


  1. What is the working title of your Senior Project? (If you don’t have one yet, don’t worry.)

Using Mathematical Equation to Build Tactical Formation


  1. Please provide a description of what you would like to do.

I would use MATLAB, a mathematical technical computing program to build many new tactical formations in different scenarios using mathematical equations. The first half period of my work would be research on historical tactical formation Qi Men Dun Jia around the world, and I would like to find out their similarity and adaption to different situations. By using the relation between hundreds of diagrams, I would find out many formulas and function to apply in various factor of a scenario, such as different geographical locations, climates, the kinds of military, and the distance of military power, and I would find out how to combine them in to equations.


Domain/s that will assess my Product

Choose relevant domains and percentages e.g.: Visual Arts 70%, Cultural History 30% or Science 100%


Cultural History, English, Modern and Classical Languages, Math, Media, Performing Arts, Science, Technology, Visual Arts, Wellness, Other


__Math (60%)___________                             ____History_(20%)______

Domain (%)                                                             Domain (%)


____Computer Science_(20%)_____



Project Goals/Outcomes—“What I intend to accomplish”

Note to Mentor and Student: Please be certain that goals address Content, Skills/Process and Product. For Skills/Process, please assess what skills the student needs to acquire/learn in order to accomplish project objectives as well as process objectives; for Product, clearly define what is to be created.


  • Product Goal(s)



  • Skills/Process Goal(s)



  • Content Goal(s)



  • Other



Preliminary Bibliography/Resources

In consultation with your mentor, what book will you be reading over the summer related to your project?


Records of the Three Kingdoms


I Ching


The Art of War


Special Equipment or Materials


  • Media/Technology/Art equipment or materials




  • Other Materials




Off Campus Work



weekly process 1


1st meet with mentor

discussion of process & further tasks


readings about background, researches about Japanese and Chinese archives of tactical formations during wartime.

Gathering data, find conditions on paper

weekly task:

Gather data on excel document

Find a program (MATLAB)  with in depth mathematical modeling, provide visible output(study online course)

Write- up

Find a secondary consultant who is a experts on ancient Roman and Greek warfares

Product rubric on next Monday with mentor

Bring process portfolio Monday (Daily work)

Find Authentic archives of Greek& Roman warfare

Information about conditions, troops, etc… What should be the important data to gather? (rethink, revision of data)