Its been a long time since i last posted something on this blog…I was unable to work on my senior project because of my health condition and most importantly i am not in school……..

I got into a car accident over the break and the doctor said i need to be in bed for at least 4-6 weeks. It is such a struggle …..

I want to go first round so i have ordered some woods yesterday and will start working on them soon in Taiwan

i talked to Brianna about it and she said i can still definitely go first round.

THANK GOD i worked hard before the break

Hopefully i can catch up on a lot of work and finish my senior project on time.




I forgot about the blog post last week… i have been working on a lot of paintings and i am planning on adding more mirrors to my paintings. (i brought my new mirrors to the art room)

I talked to Ned last week and he agreed to let me go to his room and make my three dimensional ceramic ears. I will probably start working on it after thanksgiving break.

I thought of what i wanna do for the tasting part of my installation. I would place items like lemon, chocolate and other types of food in the installation (combined in my work) and make people salivate instead of physically taste them as they come into my space.

Last but not least ! I got the exhibition space that i wanted ! The one in the art gallery 🙂 cant wait to place my art works innnnnnnn

OH and i got some flowers to try out the rainbow food coloring flowers

they are working soo well on the white flowers

BYE BYE ~~ good luck to me


This past week i ordered my materials on amazon including food coloring and gel medium… i got an idea to color white roses and water lily into rainbow color colors with food coloring. That will become the smelling part of my installation. I also painted more pieces and had a lot of wood cut into my ideal shapes. I also handed in my budget form on friday so overall it was a busy week !


This past week i have been working in the art studio a lot, finished another painting this week and will be working on some blocks of woods this week. Hopefully i will be able to complete more than ten pieces this week.  Over the weekend i was in the city and i found a store in soho that sells plastic art materials. I was impressed by all the mediums they sell in the store. I closely looked at some and decided to add them into my installation. I have decided to combine transparent plastic tubes the smelling part of my project. I also saw see through mirror in the store which relates to my current art work a lot, so i have been thinking about adding it to my project. The store inspired me and gave me more ideas to expand my original installation design 🙂 hope all goes well, i was a productive weekend !


keep on reminding my self to submit my blog post last week … but i still forgot
Anyway, i have started working on my art pieces, got some woods cut last week and gessoed them today.
Finished a painting this afternoon and sticked some broken mirror pieces onto it….so far so good !
Oh and i also got some more mirrors from kmart over the long weekend (it was a productive weekend)
I also found another medium that i would like to use in my project , which is mylar. My mentor showed it to me and i am just in love :O
this past two weeks my mentor really motivated me and i am going to work on more of my paintings tomorrow during the double period senior project block. wish me luck 🙂


I worked on the touching sense this past week and my goal is to finish 5 paintings before friday 10/10/14, painted 2 small pieces last week but im waiting for them to dry since i painted with oil paints. The progress report is due on wednesday.. hope everything goes well and i hope the paints that i have ordered arrive as soon as possible.


This past week i have been working on my process book, i met up with my mentor twice and was inspired by various artists that she showed me. I found some art works that i have been working on last year (for my senior project), i placed them in the senior art room. I am planning on hanging them on the wall this week and start painting more pieces during my senior project periods. I went to three galleries in Bridge Hampton to look for inspirations over the weekend and i have came up with a lot of ideas to explore on my art. I am excited to start painting this week since i have set up all the things that i need last week.
Wish me Luck !


I worked on my process book last week.
i ordered some special color oil paint on line and some paint brushes, as soon as i start get them i will start painting. I have hung up all my paintings in the senior art room already, im planning on getting some more mirrors from kmart this weekend and i hope i will get more ideas as i start painting.