Dec. 10th, 2014

I have currently finished my second painting and trying to find out what I want to do for my last piece. Ms. Cross wants me to get one my own photo to portray this piece. I found a photo of myself walking on street. I am about to start painting today.

Last Piece

Today I actually finished my second piece. I talked with Ms. Lichtenstein about not adding the background building on it and it came out quite nice. I am very glad of leaving the white space of it and I am about to start my last piece.

Second Painting

I am about to start my second painting, but I really did not find a good way to start. I really want to do a horizontal piece, and I tend to find some horizontal photos. I think I will start this week and quickly complete it in order to do another painting

Finishing the Subway Station Drawing

My first product is a scene of subway station with three people standing on different lines. Although the original photograph is very wide, I measured it with Ms. Cross and made it become a vertical piece then I could paint on my wood board. I am about to finish the first piece and I will find my subject of the second piece more quickly in order to finish all of the works on time.

First Product Going On

These days I am working on my first product, which is a black and white, sketch-like painting that contains my sensational and emotional concern of modern isolation. I tend to portray a scene of subway station with very dark shade and people standing alone. This scene brings me the feeling of being in crowds but being isolated.

Processes Going On

These days I tried to take some good pictures in city and find photos that can represent individualism and anxiety in modern people’s lives. From the heart deep inside of human being, human unconsciousness always bring human being more and more anxieties and suspense. I tended to find some good pictures of people walking in city scape and create the images that can represent my feeling.

First Post

I’ve started my process folio for getting some ideas of unique portraits of different people with the advices from Ms. Cross. I have already found some artists’ styles that I learn about. And I have done 1 practice of portrait already.