Senior project 01/07/2014

This week had been a tough week for me.

I went to see my mentor and went over the footages I had shot before, but he found out that I shot most of my footages and interview in 50 fps instead of the regular 24 fps, so I would have to redo most of my interviews.

I was lucky enough to finish all the interviews in one day with the cooperation from my teammates so I finished the interview on time which was pretty lucky for me.

I also had a chance to take footages from the game with Pierson which had a lot of dramatic events happened during the game. Sadly my my filmer didn’t notice the battery shortage so I missed the best part which was the last three minutes of the last quarter.

However, I did a lot of things right this week so this had been a productive week for me.


Yesterday we had a game against Southhold. I had asked two people to shoot for me in different angle.

One was standing behind the baseline to shoot some portrait shot of players fighting on the court.

The other was standing on the sideline to get a master shot of the game.

They had been shooting for the whole game and I had people to help me record Audio for me.

There will be a lot of footages and materials for me to go through, in order to produce a better film, but I am confident with so many materials in my pocket.


I had been practicing in the basketball team for two weeks already.

As I am practicing, I had ask people to help me to shoot footages of the practice for me.

Therefore until now I had plenty of footages to go over with.

We had a game today against StonyBrook and we lost. However, I got plenty of footages from Sunny Guo since I asked him to shoot for me. I also wired up the coach but unfortunately the one who is operating the recorder did not record a lot of audios. I will try and improve their skills next time so I could get a better touch on the Game.

There will be two more games coming up before christmas and one of those is home game.

I will be setting up two cameras with me during the game and wired up Coach Lynn like I did in the first game.

Senior Project 20/11/2014

I had been working and editing the trailer for my documentary.

I had already constructed a brief idea of how my documentary is going to be like. I am going to create a series of stories and combine them together into the film, introducing background stories of the players and how they feel toward basketball and the team.

I had also demonstrated my trailer to people who came to the doc lab presentation and earned compliment from my mentor, despite the fact that I felt the film was really bad.

After this short video, I had a better idea of my project and how am I going to edit it in a better way. This was a great experience for me.

November 12th

Today I interviewed Anish and Dan from Varsity basketball team. Both of them provided me their perspective of basketball. Both of them pointed out that the most unique part of our basketball team is the diversity of players.

Their responses are more than just helpful since they had given me the answer I want to hear without my instruction.

After their interview I also wired the coach up and shot the footage of the basketball team practicing, I stood their and changed different spots throughout the whole practice. Fortunately, I captured interesting footages of the practice, therefore i would have enough to edit.

Senior Project 10/11/2014

Today I had interviewed Coach Ramage with a series of questions that I had prepared before. He answered my questions in great responses because I consider most of his response helpful and informative for my project.

I also interviewed Oscar, who is a Chinese sophomore playing in Varsity team. Although he provided me a thorough response for my questions, he kept moving out of my shots therefore I would have to do it again in order to do a qualified interview.

There were some small problems of my footages, but I still feel satisfied.

At least I had done something productive haha.

Senior project 11/11

I started my interview with the coach today and luckily i finished my interview.

I had the footages coach provided to me about him coaching in his early 30s. I had the chance to hear coach’s story about him when he was younger.

I also did an interview with Oscar Zhao (Varsity player) and had useful information and footages.

After interviewing the coach, my project had jumped forward to another level and i believe i could finish it on time.

Senior project progress 11/7

This weekend I started to shoot footages for my new project about Ross School basketball team.

I started to shoot my intro with John Liu (JV player) dribbling to the basketball and layup. I intend to do it in the motion shot so that it could provide more movement. Although the shooting was successful, the lighting in the gym was not that great. Therefore there the footages were noisy. With the experience from last time, I adjusted my white balance into a ideal mode so that it won’t appear badly.

Anyway, it was a productive weekend and I feel good finally started something helpful to my project.

Senior Project 11/2

Today I had a meeting in Mr. Bonaventura’s office with Mr. Bonaventura, Mrs. Scott and my mentor Ivan. We had a discussion on my senior project and I communicated with them about issues on my senior project.

After the discussion, I realized that it won’t be a realistic approach if I keep working on Rucker Park. Therefore I decided to take the advice they gave it to me and change my project into a documentary about our school’s basketball team. Since the main idea didn’t really change except just the place is different, I do not feel any frustration. Instead I feel more excited about this project because I feel happy that I can make a documentary about people and the sports I know well and like. Therefore I would work even harder on the project.

October 21 process folio

This week I was suppose to go to city and meet with a prestigious player who once played in Rucker Park and interviewed him. I was not able to meet with the guy due to the fact that Coach Ramage had some personal issue to deal with and plus the person did not call him back. Therefore I did not take any footages. However, I did attend to do time lapse effect that Ivan introduce to us during Doc Lab class. I spent the whole afternoon doing time lapse and took pictures of the sky just to get resources for time lapse. I finally got some useful resources and intend to put these source in my film. I am going to shoot my intro with a go pro during the week with Wes Howard.

IMG_7492 IMG_7498

October 16th Process folio

This week I had finally started my senior project.

I went to Rucker Park on Saturday and shot quite a few footages. I even took some pictures for my senior project. Also, I did some interview with kids who lived around Rucker Park and asked their opinions on Rucker. Although their responses were short and brief, providing poor information to me, it is still an interesting experience.

Since I had interviewed with the kids already, I could provide various perspectives on Rucker from different age ranges. I used the equipment my mentor provided to me during the weekend and I found out it is useful for to me to record audio with good quality.

IMG_7281 RUcker


Senior Project Process folio 07/10/14

This week had been a busy week.

I had been working on SAT and other school assignments a lot so I didn’t have much time for my senior project. However, I did take footages of Wes Howard for my second experimental documentary projects. I will be focusing on this project for this week.

During this weekend, I will go to Rucker Parker to shoot formal footages for my senior project. I will also contact someone who knows Rucker Park well enough through Coach Ramage.

On the same time, I will be finishing my experimental documentary project as well, and will be finishing the project this week.

9/29 process folio

This week i had been shooting and editing my experimental documentary, I had shot multiple footages back and forth. Also, I had communicated with my mentor about my experimental film; he had made comments on my film and gave me some critical advices. I kept working on my film and edited it during the weekend, and finally finish it. I will demonstrate it in my meeting with my mentor this week and see how he feel about my experimental project.


Senior Project process-folio

This week I had been working on Adobe Premier Pro. I had started a little experimental short documentary to practice and finished shooting the footages on Friday. I had already sent an email to the office of Rucker Park hope they will reply me soon.

I had been watching tutorials on Youtube in order to have an idea how to use premier pro, it had been progressing well.