Week of Nov 10

Although I still didn’t achieve my goal for last week, I wrote 4 pages over the weekends. I am approaching to my goal. This Wednesday is the preliminary approval day. I don’t think I will have a lot of pages to get approved. I will work during the Thanks Giving Break and Christmas.

So far, I have finished chapter 1. I plan to write 3 chapters for each semester, and 6 chapters for each school year. This means I am going to have 18 chapters when I finish my novel. Maybe there will be fewer chapters. Now I have all the important teachers and friends introduced in my novel. There will be a few more characters, but mostly I am writing about the main character. There won’t be a lot of dialog in this novel. I will write his psychological activities as the main part.

Keep working, and I will finish my novel before the final approval. Definitely.

Week of Nov 3

Last week, I still did not finish my goal. I think 10 single-spaced pages is too much work for me. This week, I am going to write at least 5 paged single-spaced. Every week day I am going to write half a page and more than 1 page for the two weekends. This is the goal for this week. So far, I have only written 5 pages. I am planning to write at least 40 pages, so I have to be hard-working. I am trying to adjust myself, and I hope I can do it. I am going to do it.

Week of Oct 27

I did not achieve my goal for last week. This is my problem. So for this week, I am going to write 10 pages single spaced. Since I am no longer applying EA or ED, I am able to immerse myself into this project for a while. This is what I have to do. I am going to finish it.

Week of Oct 20

Since last week I did not pay a lot of effort on my senior project, I have to work very hard in this week. I plan to write 10 page single space during this week. I hope I can achieve this goal. So far, I have a peer tutor who can help me on my grammar and word using. I think I will be much better than before.

Week of Oct 7

Last week I talked to my mentor about my senior project and I am going to write about 2 pages to send him and see what i should do. This week I am going to work more on my novel and meet with my mentor talking about what I have done.