Over Break

Over Christmas break I made a lot of progress sewing and accumulating a bulk of my product. I wanted to do a sale before I left for break, but time ran out, so I am planning to do a sale this week during 6th period on wednesday or thursday.

week 11

this week I did a lot of sewing and have been accumulating a lot of the zipper pouches. Soon I will be able to sell the bags once I accumulate enough of each style. I hope to do the initial sale this week and another after break.

week 10

This week I started the sewing process and made a few pouches and I bought the lining and zippers in order to construct the pouches. This week I need to finish the majority of the the sewing so that next week I can begin to sell.

week 9

this week the fabric came!! I am happy with the way they look, as I was worried the intricate details would not be clear. I also altered the pattern I tested in order to fir it to the fabric and to best showcase the design. Now I just need to start sewing!

Week 8

This week, I made four more drawings, two of which I plan to print onto fabric. I am meeting with my mentor today to choose which two drawings I will use and to show her the practice pencil cases I sewed up so that we know what I will be doing with my fabric.

Week 6

This was another slow week, as I am still waiting for the fabric to come in. It is taking longer than expected. So I took the week to make sure all of the sewing equipment was in order and that I didn’t need to order any new parts. Hopefully the fabric will come in next week and I can get started.

Week 5

This week was a slow week for me due to the deadline of college applications, but the timing was in my favor because I sent my drawings out to get printed on the fabric. So even if I had time to work, there would not have been much to do. I did, however, search the internet to find a pattern so that once the fabric comes back I will have a template to sew the zipper pouches.

Week 4

This week I made a great deal of progress because, with the help of my mentor, I have selected 3 out of the 5 drawing that I will get printed (pictures attached). Additionally, we looked at the different fabric samples and decided which would be best for my purpose: we chose the thickest cotton twill available. By next week, I hope to have some if not all of my drawing scanned and sent into the website which will print them for me. Then I can get onto the next steps of creating and selling my product. photo 3 photo 1-2 photo 2-2

Week 3

This week I continued to work on my drawings. I started experimenting with different techniques and colors. One particular drawing I liked was originally drawn in black, but once finished, I realized that it was missing something. So I went in and added more details with color. I am much happier with it now because I feel the color adds another level to the drawing and makes it more interesting. I attached a picture of this example.

I also continued working on my process book this week, and make a decent amount of progress. Then, when I met with my mentor, we discussed that a good deadline for my drawing will be the middle of october (which is approaching shockingly fast). By this time, we plan to have made the final decision of which designs I will get printed so that I can more onto the next stage of my project. So, this week, I plan to keep drawing so that we have as as large a selection as possible when doing the final choice. photo-3

Week 2

This week, I’ve made progress with my drawings. I’ve drafted more drawings using black pen ink and I started experimenting with color. Attached are the first two drawings that I made with color.

Additionally, I met with my mentor to discuss variety. Such as, how many drawing I will get printed, how many different styles/shapes of the drawings, the different colors I could use or not use, the different fabric options, and the different product options. Although I haven’t decided how much or how little variety I want within these subjects, we opened the topic so that while drawing I can start getting an idea of what I want the final products to look like.

(not yet finished with the pink/orange/yellow drawing)


photo 1

photo 2

The Beginning

This past week, I met with my mentor several times so that we could discuss the best way I could time manage myself. With her help, I’ve set some goals. I hope to be done with the drawings by the end of the first week of October so that I can move onto the next step of my process. Additionally, I purchased all my materials from The Golden Eagle in Easthampton and I got started on my drawings. I completed the first one and began the second one. Attached you can find pictures.IMG_1060 IMG_1061