blog post 4

This past week I have changed one of my mentors. I had Ivan as my media mentor but he wasn’t doing anything to help and I thought that I wouldn’t get my project done in time so  I changed from Ivan to Noah Engel. Noah is so much more helpful. And I feel like I will better on project because of this. Sam, my main mentor has been helpful throughout this time too. He’s done so much with me and my project.

I am finally putting the structure of my movie into place. I know making a movie is a hard task but I am pretty sure I am going about it the right way which makes me happy.

I have two more interviews to do though. Which will be the hardest interviews to do yet. And the most emotional. I have to interview my parents. I have asked Junellen Tiska to be there while I do the interviews just to keep my parents on track and so they don’t get derailed. We will be doing these interviews in Junellen’s office at the lower campus to make the point that I am in charge not my parents.

blog post 3

I have gotten all my pictures and videos into one place. They are all on photos on my laptop. I have installed the application Adobe Premiere onto my laptop, so I can edit and make the movie. I just need a tutorial. And then I have to interview my parents.

They will be the hardest to interview.

The day I was born…




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blog post 2

I  just have my parents to interview for my project. After that I have to start editing and putting together the film. I am still having trouble figuring out what I need to put in the film from all the paperwork I have.

I have found the au  pair but I need her information to get in contact with her. I don’t think I will have enough time to talk to her and put her in the video. I still feel like I should talk her though. I need to talk to her.

My project is coming along well. I have to talk to my mentor and go over my rubric for my project though.


blog post 1

So far my senior project is going well. I’ve interviewed everyone but three people. I am trying to get all the interviews done by the next week or two, because the editing process will take sometime. I have been collecting photos and videos of me when I was younger too. There are so many that I need time to go through them as well.

My perspective of this project has changed multiple times since I started it. Each day I learn more and more things about myself and my what happened to me. Some challenging and emotional things, others good and helpful. I have a lot of paperwork to go through though.

I wish I could put more into this though. There is some things that I can’t put into this video but everything will be saved so I can use it for my memoir.

I thought this documentary was finding the truth about me, but maybe it will be something else. Maybe it will turn into something else.